Administrative Committees

The administrative committees of the Faculty Senate exist to provide Faculty support, input, and direction regarding specialized administrative functions of the university.

The administrative committees of the Faculty Senate are the Academic Integrity Hearing Panel, the Commencement Committee, the Honors Committee, the Judicial Review Panel, the University Appeals Panel, the Undergraduate Student Petitions Committee, Graduate Faculty Membership Committee, and the Woods Conservatory Committee.  Charges for these committees shall be posted to the Faculty Senate website.

  1. Chairs and faculty representatives of all committees shall be appointed by the Executive Committee of Faculty Senate. Faculty requests for committee appointments shall be solicited during spring semester via the Faculty Office. Committee appointments are for a one-year period unless otherwise stated.
  2. Attendance requirements for committee members will be the same as for Faculty Senate Representatives with vacancies being filled consistent with provisions of Article III, Section 6.C.2.  Committee members may designate a substitute when they cannot attend a committee meeting.  The substitute does not have voting rights.
  3. The committees shall include the Faculty President as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
  4. The Faculty Office will maintain the respective committee charges and policies.
  5. Other committees can be established or abolished by action of the Faculty Senate.

Administrative Committee Responsibilities

  1. Meet at least once per semester during the academic year.
  2. Keep minutes and attendance.
  3. Prepare an agenda that includes approval of minutes.
  4. Provide Faculty Senate Executive Committee with a copy of meeting minutes within seven business days of meetings.
  5. Provide a final report to the Faculty Senate at the last official meeting that summarizes what the committee accomplished and what issues should be taken up the next academic year.  These issues will be on the agenda of the first meeting of the committee the next academic year.
  6. Submit other reports to the Faculty Senate as requested.
  7. All changes to charges and policies must be approved by Faculty Senate.