2017-18 Committee Rosters


Executive Committee

Travis Doom (Chair) (19) Faculty President
Dan Krane (19) Faculty Vice President
Ramzi Nahhas (19) BSOM
Mateen Rizki (18) CECS
Adrianne Johnson (18) CEHS
Laura Luehrmann (18) COLA

Sherry Farra

(Fall 2017 sub for Bobbe Gray (18))

Thomas Rooney (18) COSM
Steven Pedler (18) LAKE
Burhan Kawosa (18) RSCOB
Michelle Schultz (19) SOPP

Standing Committees

Building and Grounds Committee

David Cool BSOM
Michael Saville CECS
Michelle Flemming CEHS
Stefan Chinov COLA
Detrice Barry CONH
Dawn Wooley (Chair) COSM
Diane Huelskamp LAKE
David Bukovinsky RSCOB
Julie Williams SOPP
Debbie Lynn Whisler CaTS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
  Disability Services (Ex-officio/NV)
Rob Thompson FMS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Kathy Warden Parking Services (Ex-officio/NV)
Bill Knotts Physical Plant Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Mary Holland / Todd Frantz Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
David Baugham, Doug Benedict Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)

Parking Services and Traffic Appeals Subcommittee

Due to past inactivity and proposed changes by the Quadrennial Review Committee, the Parking Services and Traffic Appeals Subcommittee responsibilities will be performed by the Building and Grounds Committee.

Faculty Budget Priority Committee

Travis Doom (Chair) Faculty President
Dan Krane Faculty Vice President
Ryan Mast BSOM
Brian Rigling CECS
Roxanne DuVivier CEHS
Laura Luehrmann COLA
Marie Bashaw CONH
Dawn Wooley COSM
Marty Kich LAKE
Burhan Kawosa RSCOB
Gokce Ergun SOPP

Information Technology Committee

Marietta Orlowski BSOM
T. Wischgoll (Co-Chair) CECS
Sherri Stover (Co-Chair) CEHS
Crystal Lake COLA
Ann Stalter CONH
Erik Potts COSM
Teresa Richter LAKE
Brandon Morris RSCOB
Cheryl Meyer SOPP
Craig Woolley / Larry Fox CaTS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Terri Klaus CTL Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Sheila Shellabarger Library Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
  Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
  Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Amanda Steele-Middleton University Registrar  (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Academic Policies Committee

Marty Emmert  CECS
Romena Holbert CEHS
Geoff Owens (Co-Chair) COLA
Anne Russell CONH
Dan Krane COSM
Alan Chesen RSCOB
Michelle Smith LAKE
Dan Krane (Co-Chair) Faculty Vice President
Susan Carrafiello Honors Program (Ex-officio/NV)
Carl Brun Multicultural (Ex-officio/NV)
Renee Aitken Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Amanda Steele-Middleton Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)
Timri Sadler Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Karen Meyer CECS
Barb Dunaway (Chair) CEHS
Pramod Kantha COLA
Ann Bowling CONH
Patrick Sonner COSM
Christine Junker LAKE
J. Michael Bernstein RSCOB
Renee Aitken / Carl Brun Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Amanda Steele-Middleton / Eric Poch Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Timri Nolte Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee / Wright State Core Oversight

Brandy Foster CECS
Mary Huber CEHS
Marie Hertzler (Chair) COLA
Stephanie Triplett CONH
Will Romine COSM
Nate Tymes LAKE
William Wood RSCOB
Susan Carrafiello Honors Program (Ex-officio/NV)
Carl Brun Multicultural (Ex-officio/NV)
Renee Aitken Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)
Timri Nolte Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Sean Pollock CTL Faculty Director (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Student Petitions Committee

College Petitions Rep CECS
College Petitions Rep CEHS
College Petitions Rep COLA
College Petitions Rep CONH
College Petitions Rep COSM
College Petitions Rep LAKE
Kevin Duffy (Chair) RSCOB
Daniel Palmer Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Eric Poch Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Angela Luneke Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Student Success Committee

Craig Baudendistel (19) CECS
Romena Holbert (18) CEHS
Thomas Fenton (18) (Chair) COLA
Cindra Holland (18) CONH
Dan Krane (19) (Co-Chair) COSM
Joshua Stomel (19) LAKE
Sirisha Naidu (19) RSCOB
Timri Nolte Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Timri Nolte delegate Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Tim Littell University College
Jennifer Lobo University College
Amanda Spencer University College

Administrative Committees

Commencement Committee

Susan Carrafiello COLA
Alysoun Taylor-Hall (18) (Chair) CECS
Bridgett Severt (19) COSM
Jeannie Marchand COLA
Lynne Kelley (18) CONH
Eric Rowley  (19) COSM
Kimberly Dove Student Government
Beth Metcalf Student Government
--- Student Government
Fran Keeley Office of Ceremonies (Ex-officio/NV)
Travis Doom Faculty President (Ex-officio/NV)

Honors Committee

T.K. Prasad CECS
Tara Hill CEHS
Carol Herringer COLA
Kathy Keister CONH
Meredith Rodgers COSM
Kelly Battles LAKE
Kathryn Easterday (Chair) RSCOB
TBD (Chosen by Honors Program) Student Government
Susan Carrafiello University Honors Program (ex-officio / NV)
Travis Doom Faculty President (Ex-officio/NV)

Woods Committee

Mary White BSOM
Ahsan Mian CECS
Gina Oswald CEHS
Lance Greene COLA
Kimberly Joo CONH
Volker Bahn (Chair) COSM
John Cook RSCOB
Shawn Wenrick Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Travis Doom Faculty President (Ex-officio/NV)

Academic Integrity Hearing Panel

Title Name College
Co-Chair Erin Flanagan COLA
Co-Chair Sharon Heilmann CEHS

Judicial (Conduct) Review Panel

Each panel is composed of five members of the University community, including one faculty member, one staff member, and three students. One student will be designated by the director or designee from the Office of Community Affairs & Student Conduct (OCASA) to serve as the chair. Quorum for any CRP hearing shall consist of at least one faculty or staff member and two students. 

Faculty members volunteer via the Faculty Senate volunteer form during Spring Semester of the previous academic year.  The pool of approved volunteers is submitted to OCASA which is responsible for training the volunteers and facilitating panel hearings on an as-needed basis.  Trained volunteers from any academic year may be asked to serve on a panel

University Appeals Panel

Title Name College
Co-Chair Sarah Twill COLA
Co-Chair Thomas Fenton COLA



Athletics Council

Faculty Senate Representatives to the Athletics Council (2)
Liz Pulley
Dan Krane

Graduate Council

Research Council

Nic Reo (18) BSOM
Fred Garber (19) CECS
Sharon Heilmann (18) CEHS
Geoff Owens (18) COLA
Sherry Farra (19) CONH
Pamela Tsang (19) COSM
Carol Wang (19) RSCOB
Jeff Cigrang (19) SOPP
Stephen Jacquemin (18) LAKE

International Education Advisory Committee

Terry Oraszi  BSOM
Mateen Rizki (Chair) CECS
Gina Oswald CEHS
Irena Joespeh COLA
Yi-Hui Lee CONH
Tom Rooney COSM
Wakiuru Wamwara RSCOB
Dane Daniel LAKE
Steven Kniffley SOPP
Associate of International Affairs Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Rosemarry Eustace IPCC chair (ex-officio / nv)
Bill Holmes UCIE (ex-officio / nv)
International Student Services (IEAC sub)  
Gina Oswald (Chair) CEHS
Irena Joseph COLA
Lynn Hartzler COSM
Suhashni Ganapathy CECS
International Program Collaboration (IEAC sub)  
Rosemary Eustace (Chair) CONH
Ramzi Nahhas BSOM
T.K. Prasad CECS
Dane Daniel LAKE
Thomas Fenton COLA
Michelle Streeter-Ferrari UCIE (ex-officio / NV)
Joy Wanderi UCIE (ex-officio / NV)
Carl Brun Provost designee (ex-officio / NV)
International Recruiting and Outreach (IEAC sub)  
Thomas Rooney (Chair) COSM
Cristina Redko BSOM


2017-18 Ad-Hoc Committees