2016-17 Committee Rosters


Executive Committee

Carol Loranger (Chair) Faculty President
Travis Doom Faculty Vice President
L. David Mirkin BSOM
Matt Rizki CECS
Carl Sabo CEHS
Barry Milligan COLA
Rosemary Eustace CONH
Dan Krane COSM
Steve Pedler LAKE
Berkwood Farmer  RSCOB
Michelle Schultz SOPP

Standing Committees

Building and Grounds Committee

L. David Mirkin BSOM
Caroline Cao CECS
Jeremy Mills CEHS
Stefan Chinov COLA
Marie Bashaw (Chair) CONH
Dawn Wooley COSM
<vacant> LAKE
David Bukovinsky RSCOB
Julie Williams SOPP
Debbie Whisler CaTS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jean Denney Disability Services (Ex-officio/NV)
Dan Papay FMS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Rob Kretzer Parking Services (Ex-officio/NV)
Jeff Trick Physical Plant Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Mary Holland Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Lukas Wenrick Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)

Parking Services and Traffic Appeals Subcommittee

Kei Susuki BSOM
Michael Saville CECS
Gina Oswald CEHS
James Carter COLA
Ann Bowling & Tara Konicki (Alt) CONH
Erik Potts COSM
Dave Hochstein LAKE
John Cook (Chair) RSCOB
<vacant> SOPP
TBD Building & Grounds Committee Rep (Ex-officio/NV)
Jean Denney Disability Services (Ex-officio/NV)
Carol Loranger Faculty President (Ex-officio/NV)
Rob Kretzer Parking Services Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Katherine Simpson Student Government
Ling Huang Student Government

Faculty Budget Priority Committee

Carol Loranger (Chair) Faculty President
Travis Doom Faculty Vice President
Raminta Daniulaityte BSOM
Fred Garber CECS
Roxanne DuVivier CEHS
Laura Luehrmann COLA
Marie Bashaw & Barbara Fowler (Alt) CONH
Dan Krane COSM
Marty Kich LAKE
Marlena Akhbari RSCOB
LaTrelle Jackson SOPP

Information Technology Committee

Gary Nieder BSOM
Thomas Wischgoll (Chair) CECS
Sheri Stover CEHS
Shelley Jagow COLA
Sharon Farra CONH
Erik Potts COSM
<vacant> LAKE
Burhan Kawosa RSCOB
Cheryl Meyer SOPP
Craig Wooley / Larry Fox CaTS Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Terri Klaus CTL (Ex-officio/NV)
Sheila Shellabarger Library Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Nathan Balasubramanian Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Matt Almazan Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
TBD University Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Academic Policies Committee

Travis Doom (Co-Chair) Marty Emmert (CECS Alt) CECS
Romena Holbert CEHS
Geoff Owens (Co-Chair) COLA
Tara Konicki CONH
Alan Chesen RSCOB
Nate Tymes LAKE
Susan Carrafiello Honors Program (Ex-officio/NV)
Carl Brun Multicultural (Ex-officio/NV)
Marian Brainerd & Carl Brun Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Amanda Steele-Middleton Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)
Jean Kalima Student Government

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Karen Meyer (Chair) CECS
Barb Dunaway CEHS
Pramond Kantha COLA
Ann Bowling CONH
Tammy Bash COSM
Kelley Battles LAKE
J. Michael Bernstein RSCOB
Carl Brun Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Eric Poch Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)
Melissa VanScoy Student Government

Undergraduate Curriculum Review Committee

Brandy Foster  CECS
Mary Huber CEHS
Marie Hertzler COLA
Stephanie Triplett (Chair) CONH
Gale Klevan COSM
Giovanna Follo LAKE
Hans Sprohge RSCOB
Susan Carrafiello Honors Program (Ex-officio/NV)
Carl Brun Multicultural (Ex-officio/NV)
Carl Brun Provost Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Jack Dustin Service Learning (Ex-officio/NV)
Koty Johnson Student Government

Undergraduate Student Petitions Committee

Rotating Membership from College Committee CECS
Doris Johnson CEHS
Annette Oxindine COLA
Liz Pully (Alt) CONH
Eric Rowley COSM
Steven Pedler LAKE
Kevin Duffy (Chair) RSCOB
Koty Johnson Student Government
Eric Poch Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)
Lori Sommers Registrar Designee (Ex-officio/NV)

Undergraduate Student Success Committee

Craig Baudendistel (17)  CECS
Romena Holbert (18) CEHS
Thomas Fenton (18) (Chair) COLA
Cindra Holland (18) CONH
Peggy Kelly (17) COSM
Christine Wilson (17) LAKE
Kevin Duffy (18) RSCOB
Jean Kalima Student Government
Marsha Henderson University College
Shamon Green University College
David Bringhurst University College

Administrative Committees

Commencement Committee

Alysoun Taylor (18)  CECS
Maggie Veres (18) CEHS
Arvind Elangovan (17) COLA
Lynne Kelley (18) CONH
Eric Rowley (Chair) COSM
Kyle Min Student Government
Koty Johnson Student Government
Rick Fultz Student Government
Fran Keeley Office of Ceremonies (Ex-officio/NV)

Honors Committee

T.K. Prasad CECS
Jason Fruth CEHS
Donovan Miyasaki COLA
Yi-Hui Lee CONH
Meredith Rodgers COSM
Kathryn Easterday RSCOB
Lukas Wenrick Student Government

Woods Committee

L. David Mirkin BSOM
Ahsan Mian CECS
Gina Oswald CEHS
Lance Greene COLA
Misty Richmond CONH
Thomas Rooney (Chair) COSM
<vacant> LAKE
Charles Gulas RSCOB
<vacant> SOPP
Nick Lacey Student Government

Academic Integrity Hearing Panel

Title Name College
Co-Chair Erin Flanagan COLA
Co-Chair Sharon Heilmann CEHS
Faculty Member

Catherine Marco

Faculty Member Brandy Foster COLA
Faculty Member Maher Amer CECS
Faculty Member Marie Hertzler COLA
Faculty Member Sarah McGinley COLA
Faculty Member Tracy Brewer CONH
Faculty Member Gary Nieder COSM
Faculty Member Kelly Battles Lake
Faculty Member Enamul Choudhury COLA

Judicial (Conduct) Review Panel

Each panel is composed of five members of the University community, including one faculty member, one staff member, and three students. One student will be designated by the director or designee from the Office of Community Affairs & Student Conduct (OCASA) to serve as the chair. Quorum for any CRP hearing shall consist of at least one faculty or staff member and two students. 

Faculty members volunteer via the Faculty Senate volunteer form during Spring Semester of the previous academic year.  The pool of approved volunteers is submitted to OCASA which is responsible for training the volunteers and facilitating panel hearings on an as-needed basis.  Trained volunteers from any academic year may be asked to serve on a panel

Title Name College
Faculty Member Aaron Wolpert COLA
Faculty Member Christine Sitko CEHS
Faculty Member Enamul Choudhury COLA
Faculty Member Jerri Killian COLA
Faculty Member Thomas Lukowicz COLA

University Appeals Panel

Title Name College
Co-Chair Sarah Twill COLA
Co-Chair Rebecca Teed COSM
Faculty Member December Green COLA
Faculty Member Jerri Killian COLA
Faculty Member Dan Krane COSM
Faculty Member J. Michael Bernstein RSCOB



Athletics Council

Faculty Senate Representives to the Athletics Council (2)
Marie Bashaw (18)
Susan Carrafiello (17)

Graduate Council

student studying in class

The Graduate School at Wright State University serves more than 2,200 graduate students in 136 graduate programs. Our graduate programs embody the university's spirit of innovation through cutting-edge research, outstanding faculty and educational opportunities, and rich connections to the world around us. Our goal is to transform our students and the communities in which they live through top-quality advanced education.

Why Wright State?

  • We’re the pragmatic, smart choice. You can pursue your degree your way. Live here or commute, work, raise your family, and live your life while you earn your degree and pursue your passions.
  • We have nationally recognized programs, faculty, and facilities.
  • We have more than 114,000 alumni, and almost everyone in the Miami Valley knows some of our graduates. Your teachers, counselors, nurses, doctors, and others are Wright State grads.


Flexible Scheduling

We offer a variety of class styles, time, and scheduling to fill your needs. Take classes online, in-person, or a combination of both as your needs and schedule changes. Go part-time or full-time—we offer many options to fit within your busy life and responsibilities.

Advance Your Career

Looking for that next step in your career? Want to make a switch? One of our graduate programs can help you. You can start small with a few classes or a certificate program to enhance your skills or dive into one of our nationally ranked master's or doctoral programs. 

Faculty and Research

You can work with faculty experts, fellow graduate students, and undergraduate students on the faculty member's research and discuss your ideas for independent research. We offer graduate research assistantship positions that may be eligible for tuition remission and annual stipends.

Success Stories

Graduate electrical engineering student Javonne Baker worked on radar-related projects during a summer research program at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.
Army veteran Arreal Riggs finds needed support in Wright State’s Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management program and at the Veteran and Military Center.


Fortune ranks Wright State’s part-time MBA program among the nation’s best again

The Master of Business Administration program, offered by the Wright State Raj Soin College of Business, was ranked No. 56 out of the nation’s top 59 programs and is the only Dayton-area program included in the ranking.

Wright State management information systems honored for data mining project

A team of Wright State management information systems students will be honored by Technology First for their project predicting the popularity of smart devices that talk to each other through the internet.

Smart move, SMART student

A SMART scholarship will support Sasha Willis's pursuit of a Ph.D. in human factors and industrial/organizational psychology through Wright State's Eye Movement and Motion Psychophysics Lab.

View all Graduate School news

Request Information

Format: (xxx)xxx-xxxx. e.g., (937)775-5700
Format: (xxx)xxx-xxxx. e.g., (937)775-5700

Research Council

Nic Reo (18) BSOM
Mike Raymer (17)  CECS
Sharon Heilmann (18) CEHS
Geoff Owens (18) COLA
Rosemary Eustace (17) CONH
Abinash Agrawal (17) COSM
Zdravka Todorova (18) RSCOB
Jeff Cigrang (17) SOPP
Stephen Jacquemin (18) LAKE

2016-17 Ad-Hoc Committees

General Education Assessment Committee

Maher Amer  CECS
Subhashini Ganapathy CECS
Beth Hersman CEHS
Mary Huber CEHS
Kathryn Meyer COLA
Laura Luehrmann (Chair) COLA
Anne Russell (Co-Chair) CONH
Liz Pulley CONH
Ayse Sahin COSM
Lisa Kenyon COSM
Megan Faragher LAKE
Michelle Smith LAKE
Bill Wood RSCOB
Sirisha Naidu RSCOB
Lukas Wenrick Student Government

International Education Advisory Committee (formerly IPOC - International Program Oversight Committee)

Terry Oroszi BSOM
Mateen Rizki (Chair) CECS
Gina Oswald CEHS
Irena Joseph COLA
Rosemary Eustace CONH
Burhan Kawosa  RSCOB
<vacant> SOPP
Jordan Large Student Government

IEAC Subcommittees

International Student Services  
Irena Joseph (COLA) COLA
Gina Oswald (CEHS) CEHS
Bev Schieltz (COSM) COSM
Suhashni Ganapathy (CECS) CECS
International Program Collaboration  
Dane Daniel (LAKE) LAKE
Rosemary Eustace (CONH) CONH
T.K. Prasad (CECS) CECS
International Recruiting and Outreach  
Burhan Kawosa (RSCOB) RSCOB
Roxanne DuVivier (CEHS) CEHS
Chris Hall (COLA) COLA
Jaime Ramirez-Vick (CECS) CECS


Library Task Force

<vacant> BSOM
Cristina Redko BSOM
<vacant> CECS
Bin Wang CECS
John Conteh CEHS
Roxanne DuVivier CEHS
Crystal Lake (Chair) COLA
Karla Huebner COLA
Deb Polling CONH
<vacant> CONH
Gale Kleven COSM
Scott Baird COSM
Dave Hochstein LAKE
Jamon Flowers LAKE
Hans-Dieter  Sprohge RSCOB
<vacant> RSCOB
Steven Kniffley SOPP
<vacant> SOPP
Steve Berberich (Co-Chair) Provost Office
Sheila Shellabarger University Libraries (Ex-officio/NV)
Noelle Downey Student Government (Ex-officio/NV)
Stephanie Bange University Libraries (ERC) (Ex-officio/NV)
Craig Woolley CaTS  (Ex-officio/NV)
Chris Roberts CTL (Ex-officio/NV)