Accreditation & Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcome (SLOs) statements clearly state the expected knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies, and habits of mind that students are expected to acquire from an educational experience. At Wright State University, faculty and staff have defined specific SLOs, for all learning environments, including courses, the general education Core, undergraduate and graduate academic programs, and relevant co-curricular experiences. In accordance with the university’s mission to transform the lives of its students, the SLOs are informed by standards of quality set by state and national higher-education agencies, professional disciplinary organizations, and relevant accrediting bodies. Faculty and staff review SLOs annually to ensure they remain relevant and align with employer workforce needs. 

Student learning outcomes are shared with students in a number of ways. Course learning outcomes (sometimes called goals or objectives) are listed on course syllabi provided to students at the beginning of each course. Learning outcomes for the general education Core and academic programs may be shared in student orientations and handbooks and are accessible through program websites and/or the University Catalog as indicated below. Student learning outcomes for co-curricular experiences are typically shared with students at the start of a training or learning experience.

General Education Core Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees and Programs  Select the name of the program and then choose “Catalog Entry” and/or “Program Webpage” to view the specific learning outcomes for that program.