Campus Completion Plan

photo of graduates at commencement

The Wright State Strategic Plan defines the institutional commitment to providing an environment that promotes student learning leading to degree completion and preparation for a career and life-long learning.

Goal: Enhance student access and success of a diverse student body through quality and innovative instruction and student life programs that lead to graduation and career placement.

  • Objective A: Improve the enrollment and retention of direct-from-high-school, graduate, and nontraditional student populations.
  • Objective B: Enhance degree completion.
  • Objective C: Develop effective educational processes to assist students in meeting post-graduation career and educational goals.

Student success at Wright State University consists of the attainment of the university and programmatic learning outcomes and the achievement of the student’s personal educational goals.  The purpose of the Campus Completion Committee is to address student success in an intentional and University-wide coordinated manner.  The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Identify aspects of the University that provide barriers to student progress and success.  Areas to be considered include, but are not restricted to advising, curriculum, affordability, registration, admissions, and student life.
  • Establish the priority to be placed on addressing each barrier
  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing student success initiatives.
  • Solicit student success initiatives from the University community to address highly prioritized barriers.   The initiatives may be expansions of current programs or new programs.
  • Ensure that student success initiatives are aligned with the University mission and strategic plan
  • Make recommendations on University policies and procedures to address identified barriers and enhance student progression in their degree programs.
  • Establish retention and graduation goals for the overall undergraduate population and selected student groups.
  • Collaborate with Institutional Research to design an annual student success report to inform the campus community of progress on student success.