Foundation Studies

Foundation Studies is the curriculum arm of the Division of Student Success. We provide, in partnership with the Department of English and the Department of Mathematics & Statistics, corequisite remediation coursework in developmental mathematics and writing. In addition to providing remedial coursework, Foundation Studies also facilitates First-year Seminars (UVC 1010) and provides First-Year Programs.

College Writing Success Workshop

The College Writing Success Workshop helps new first-year students level-up your skills from high school writing to college writing. You will get to know critical academic resources early, meet other first-year students, and work on projects that will help you succeed in your first year at Wright State.


Developmental Education & UVC Course Descriptions

View the Division of Student Success course offerings.

Developmental Education & UVC Course Descriptions

UVC Courses & Accelerated Learning Program

UVC Courses & the Accelerated Learning Program helps you succeed in your initial English composition and math courses through First-Year Seminars (UVC 1010) for first-year students who share academic and social interests, and ALP courses in writing and math.