Foundation Studies

UVC Courses and Accelerated Learning Program

UVC 1010: First-Year Seminar

A First-Year Seminar is a group of approximately 20 students who share similar interests, majors, or classes. You will get to know your First-Year Seminar group well. You can turn to this growing network of friends when you have questions or need help. Most incoming first-year students enroll in a First-Year Seminar. Faculty and staff at the top of their fields teach with the help of peer mentors—students who have been where you are now.

The benefits of participating in First-Year Seminars include:

  • Make friends faster with people you see on a regular basis
  • Earn a higher GPA
  • Connect to campus more quickly

UVC 1000: College Success Tips

This variable topic course is primarily focused on helping you develop effective study skills. Enrolling in this course gives you access to highly trained and CRLA-certified peer study coaches.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Writing and Math

ALP courses in writing and math will help you succeed in your initial English composition and math courses. If you need foundational support in writing or math, just sign up for an ALP course in the appropriate subject. This course provides coordinated, “just-in-time” support that allows you to complete your initial writing and math courses sooner.

Foundation Studies coordinates with the English and math departments to offer the following ALP co-requisite pairings:

  • ENG 1100/DEV 0920
  • MTH 1450/DEV 0450 (Quantitative Reasoning Pathway)
  • MTH 1280/DEV 0280 (College Algebra Pathway)
  • STT 1600/DEV 0600 (Statistics Pathway)