The Division of Student Success supports students, faculty, and staff through programs and services in Academic Advising, Academic Support, and Foundation Studies.

Division Leadership



Our mission is to provide you with access, guidance, and academic support in a nurturing, diverse, respectful, and supportive environment that assists students in achieving academic goals while developing the foundations of civic engagement and lifelong learning.  We collaborate with students, faculty, and staff of the undergraduate programs of the academic colleges to help ensure a successful and fulfilling academic experience for all students.


We value you. You matter. 

That’s why the Division of Student Success seeks to cultivate a diverse group of professionals and commits to increasing our knowledge, upholding our values, and developing our skills as life-long learners—so we can provide diverse perspectives, make sure you see yourself reflected among us, and help you achieve your academic and life goals.

You—with your unique perspective derived from your experiences, your physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics, and how they impact your life—you contribute to the diversity we value.  

You have goals for your life, and you’ve come to Wright State University to help you achieve those goals. Our job is to help you acquire those skills, that knowledge, to support your learning so that you may achieve your goals.  

We value youYou matter, and you are welcome here