The Division of Student Success supports students, faculty, and staff through programs and services in Academic Advising, Academic Success Centers, Career Services, and Foundation Studies.

Our mission is to provide you with access, guidance, and academic support in a nurturing, diverse, respectful, and supportive environment that assists students in achieving academic goals while developing the foundations of civic engagement and lifelong learning.  

Organization Chart 


We collaborate with students, faculty, and staff of the undergraduate programs of the academic colleges to help ensure a successful and fulfilling academic experience for all students.


We recruit a staff rich in diverse experiences and perspectives. Because we value this diversity among ourselves, we embrace the diverse experiences and perspectives of Wright State’s students, faculty, and staff. We believe diverse perspectives produce better results.


We commit ourselves to lifelong learning. We stay well-informed of best practices in advising, academic support, and student development. We utilize our diversity and our commitment to lifelong learning to cultivate curiosity.  We continually research methods and trends to help students achieve educational success.

Advisory Board

The Division of Student Success Advisory Board was established in April 2005 for the purpose of using the breadth of expertise and experience of its members to assist the division in enhancing student academic success, student retention, student movement into appropriate majors, fundraising, comprehensive assessment and accountability, and continuous improvement.