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College Writing Success Workshop

photo of students walking into the student success center

More information for our August 2024 workshop to come. See you then!


Writing is key to your college success!

In a typical first year:

Wright State students were assigned an average of 55 pages of writing.

  • 19% wrote 8 short papers (1–5 pages).
  • 17% wrote at least 1 paper over 10 pages.

In a typical senior year:

Wright State students were assigned an average of 75 pages of writing.

  • 9% wrote over 20 short papers (1–5 pages).
  • 45% wrote at least 1 paper over 10 pages.

    Source: 2019 National Survey of Student Engagement


    Previous workshop participants:

    • Had improved first-year grades.
    • Had increased chances of returning for their second year.
    • Felt readier for Fall classes.
    • Level up from high school writing to college writing.
    • Learn writing strategies for classes across the curriculum—not just English.
    • Get to know critical academic resources early.
    • Understand what college writing assignments are asking you to do.
    • Create your own college writing survival kit.
    • Meet other first-year students.


    • Snacks!
    • Early access to campus housing.
    • Free one-year access to two digital textbooks: The Little Seagull Guide and They Say, I Say.

    Sample Activities and Topics

    • The Transition to College Writing: No more five-paragraph essays! Is the first year of college grade 13? The writing process.
    • Decoding College: understanding assignments, syllabi, textbooks, professors, feedback, and the hidden curriculum.
    • Campus Resource Visits: Library Escape Room, Computer Labs, Writing Center, and Student Success.
    • Writing Projects: Effective summary writing and college writing survival kit.

    Daily Schedule

    • 1–1:10 p.m.: Welcome
    • 1:10–2 p.m.: Activity One
    • 2:10–3 p.m.: Activity Two
    • 3–3:10 p.m.: Snacks
    • 3:10–4 p.m.: Activity Three
    • 4–4:30 p.m.: Activity Four

    Fees and Cancelations

    The workshop costs $50, which will be billed to your university account at the end of the workshop. Students who successfully complete the workshop are eligible for a fee waiver. 


    If you are no longer able to attend, e-mail by August 20. If you do not cancel, you will be charged for the workshop. 

    Early Campus Move-In Date

    Participation in the workshop means you can move in to your campus housing early and avoid the rush!

    When you register for the workshop, you will have option to add an early move-in date.

    Call 937-775-4172 for more information about early move-in.


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