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COVID-19 Spending Freeze

At this time, all university expenditures, including expenses accrued by clubs and organizations, require additional review. All expenditures must be submitted for review at least 45 days in advance.

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Responsible finance and accounting are key to the success of any club or organization. Student Involvement and Leadership provides clubs and organizations with the services necessary to manage their finances effectively. Our staff is here to help with deposits, revenue planning, expense management, travel, funding options, and more.

Purchase Requests

Wright State University is able to pay for goods via check, VISA credit card (procurement "pro" card), and petty cash withdraws for minor transactions. Our office coordinates these purchases through the Engage platform.

To place a purchase request, visit your organization's manage menu, and select Purchase Request under the finance tab. This function is by default only available to presidents and treasurers. If an organization wants to designate another member to make a purchase request, the president can modify the member's organization permission under the member's set position. The president will also need to authorize that affected position. Presidents can contact our front desk at SIL@wright.edu or 937-775-5570 for assistance.


Procurement is defined as the process of finding and agreeing to terms and acquiring goods, services, or works from an external source. Student Involvement and Leadership submits requisitions to the Office of the Controller on behalf of clubs and organizations. Once a requisition is approved, a purchase order is assigned, and once the good, service, or work is delivered adequately, a check may be remitted. This process is set up to ensure compliance with the Ohio Revised Code and Wright State University policies and procedures.

Goods, services, or works purchased using this model are typically renumerated via check.

Contractor and vendor payments

As soon as a supplier is selected, the requisition process can begin. Student Involvement and Leadership requires that all proper documentation be submitted 30 days before payment is due.

To begin the requisition process, clubs and organizations must submit the following:

  1. A quote, invoice, or receipt
  2. A WSU W-9 (for new suppliers)
  3. All applicable, unsigned contracts

All contracts, agreements, and terms of conditions must be reviewed by Contract Services, which reserves signatory authority. Students are not permitted to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of their club, organization, or Wright State University under any circumstances.

contracts templates

Procurement "Pro" Credit Card

Some expenses are easiest made with a credit card; Student Involvement and Leadership recognizes this. If you think it would be easiest to purchase with a pro card, please fill out a purchase request form and indicate that you would like to use a pro card. 

All expenses must be processed through our office with no exception. If your faculty or staff advisor has access to a pro card, this method may be used after permission has been granted by our finance team. The advisor will need to work with our staff to ensure all accounting codes are entered correctly and that all Chromeriver approvals are set up properly. We also require that all receipts are delivered and filed with our office on an 8.5" x 11" receipt cover so that they can be filed accordingly for reconciliation and record retention purposes.

Petty Cash Withdrawal

Petty cash withdraws are considered rare and are seldom used. Student Involvement and Leadership can initiate cash reimbursements limited to $200 or less. Items over $200 must be processed using the purchasing procedures listed above. Since the university is a tax-exempt entity, petty cash reimbursements will not be made for Ohio sales tax charged on purchased goods.

A request for a petty cash reimbursement must be made on a Student Organization Petty Cash Voucher. An original receipt and/or invoice for each expenditure must be attached to the voucher, along with a sufficient transaction justification and business purpose. Small receipts should be taped to an 8.5" x 11" receipt cover. We recommend visiting our office with all of your materials so that we may walk you through the process.

Reimbursement for gifts, donations, or personal expenses is not permitted. Also, payment for professional services is not permitted via petty cash.

Additional expenditure guidelines are available at University Policy 9130

Organizational Accounting 

Clubs and organizations are provided with a university agency fund. This fund serves as an "on-campus bank account" for clubs and organizations. Student Involvement and Leadership provides this service to ensure proper accounting protocol, protecting both the club or organization and the university.

Accounting Codes (FOAP)

Fund (F)

The fund is a self-balancing set of accounts, indicating where the funding of a purchase or transfer is coming from. Clubs and organizations typically have a fund that starts with 999.

  • 190XXX funds are typically university general funds.
    • This is considered rare, but most coordinating organizations fall under this category.
  • 5XXXXX funds are funds located within the WSU Foundation.
  • 999XXX funds are affiliated with non-university funds. Most organizations fall under this category.

Organization (O)

The organization is in the operating ledger and indicates who is spending for a particular purchase. Clubs and organizations typically use Student Involvement and Leadership's 211300 or Campus Recreation's 211190 organization code.

  • Most coordinating organizations have their own organization codes.
  • 999XXX funds use either. Student Involvement and Leadership's 211300 or Campus Recreation's 211190 organization code.

Account (A)

The account indicates what type of item is being recorded. In most applications, clubs and organizations do not need to know this code. Our finance team prefers to make this determination for budget management purposes.

Program (P)

The program indicates the purpose/mission of a transaction.

  • 190XXX and 5XXXXX funds in our office typically use 50005 program codes. 
  • 999XXX funds use the 98005 program code.
  • In all instances where a 5XXXXX account is used, 99888 must be used as the program.


Student Involvement and Leadership delegates university funds to the Student Government Association (SGA) for funding distribution among clubs and organizations. This process is organized into two committees.

  • Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC)
    • Provides a year-long budget during the academic year.
    • Coordinating organizations or organizations that carry year-long expenses.
  • Special Funding Committee (SFC)
    • Provides a special, one-time budget. This process is used for short-term expenses or events.

Additional information about SOBC or SFC can be obtained on the SGA website or by contacting the SOBC coordinator.

Debbie Lamp
Associate Director

Balance and Transaction History

Fund balances or transaction history can be obtained by contacting us at SIL@wright.edu, 937-775-5570, or by visiting us in 019 Student Union.


Food for Events: Food for events held inside a university facility or on university property must use Hospitality Services. An event is defined as any social or educational activity in nature (not a meeting) where members outside of the organization are invited to participate. 

For permission to order food outside of Hospitality Services, fill out the catering waiver. Forms MUST be submitted to Hospitality Services at least 15 days before the event. You can find the form on Engage’s Campus Links.

Jackie Perez
Catering Manager
Hospitality Services

Cash Handling

All cash collected for events and fundraisers must be secured at a university location at all times. Our office has money boxes and lockable zipper bags that can be checked out. Cash must be deposited immediately after the event to the dropbox outside of 019 Student Union. 

We need to know:

  • Who–What is your name and the organization’s name?
  • What–What’s the revenue from? Bake sale? Tickets? Dues? 
  • When–What was the date of the transaction?
  • Where–Where should the funds be deposited? Please provide your FOP.
  • Why–Were you fundraising for a specific event?

Ticket sales require contacting Event Services and Youth Programs 30 days before the revenue is properly accounted for at the Office of the Bursar. When turning in ticket funds, please include the organization's name and FOP, ticket price, and the number of tickets sold. 

Finance Contacts

General Questions, Budgeting, and Pro Card and Petty Cash Use

Robin Johnson
Account Clerk III

Contracting, Invoicing, and Vendor Payments

Elaina Brode
Accounting Assistant

Miscellaneous Purchasing and Accounting Questions

Dylan Collison
Office Manager