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iCommute is a program designed to eliminate the stigma surrounding commuter student engagement by providing advice and resources for student success. Simply, commuter students are involved students, no matter where they reside or how long their commute is. Supported by various campus partners, commuter students are a valuable part of our Wright State community.

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Security Tips for Commuters

When parking your car on campus, remember to practice the following tips:

  • Never leave your windows open.
  • Always keep your doors locked.
  • Keep valuable items at home or on your person. If you must leave them in your vehicle, lock them in the trunk.
  • Keep the inside of your car as clutter-free as possible (do not leave textbooks or anything that might give a thief the slightest temptation to break into your vehicle).
  • Secure your registration and insurance card on your person or in a secure, hidden place inside the vehicle. Never leave valuable documents in your car that could help a thief identify who you are or where you live.

Visit the Department of Public Safety website for more safety tips. Your auto insurance agency may have additional suggestions to offer as well.

If you ever feel uncomfortable walking to or from your car, regardless of the time of day, contact Public Safety for a Safety Escort at 937-775-2111. It is better to be cautious now than to have regrets later. Furthermore, try to park in areas that are well lit or in lots close to buildings or high traffic areas.

Study Places

There are several locations around campus that are perfect places to study. Favorites often include:

  • The first floor of Millett near the Culture and Identity Centers
  • The first floor of Rike Hall
  • The first floor of Oelman Hall
  • The first floor of Fawcett Hall
  • Student Union
  • Student Success Center
  • Dunbar Library*

* Please check the library schedule, to determine the hours of operation. Library hours of operation change during finals week and breaks (e.g., during December and over the summer months).

Commuter Loungephoto of commuter lounge

The Commuter Lounge is located at the Atrium Level of the Student Union. As a commuter student, you may use this area to take a break, study, or meet with friends. There is also a small refrigerator and microwave oven at that location.

Please contact Student Involvement and Leadership at 937-775-5570 or to reload empty supplies.

Campus Dining and Meal PlansMeal Deal graphic

Whether you are on campus all day or spend just a few hours on campus each week, you might find yourself wanting something to eat. Hospitality Services at Wright State has worked hard to meet commuter student’s tastes, budgets, and needs for convenience. There are many ever-changing new additions to the already wide variety of dining options on campus.

You may frequent campus dining facilities enough to make placing money on your Wright1 Card—a convenient method to pay for food—worth your while. By doing so, you can take advantage of special Meal Deals offered at all of the dining locations on campus.

Meal plans include a combination of WrightSwipes, Dining Dollars, and RaiderCash. The best way to use your meal plan is to purchase a Wright1 Meal Deal using WrightSwipes. Wright1 Meal Deals are defined meal packages that usually include an entrée, side(s), and a drink.  Wright1 Meal Deals feature a variety of popular food choices, global options, wellness selections, vegetarian and vegan items.

Meal Plans

Create your own plan with WrightSwipe myChoice.

Students can select one option from a preset number of WrightSwipes and Dining Dollars. Select a customized plan perfect for your budget or lifestyle.

Step 1: Select the Number of WrightSwipes

With WrightSwipes, as you purchase more, the price per swipe decreases.

WrightSwipe Options (Choose 1)

WrightSwipes (per  
0 $0.00
20 $150
35 $262.50
50 $375
65 $487.50
100 $700

Step 2:Select the Number of Dining Dollars

With Dining Dollars, as your purchase more, the more bonus dollars you will receive.

Dining Dollar Options (Choose 1)

Dining Dollars % Extra Receive
$50 4% $52.00
$100 5% $105.00
$150 10% $165.00
$200 12% $224.00
$250 15% $287.50
$300 18% $354.00
$500 20% $600.00

Example: 50 WrightSwipes + $354 Dining Dollars = $729

Total Savings: $66.50

Need something smaller? Try the WrightSampler–a sample meal plan for only $49.99.

WrightSwipes Dining Dollars
5 $20.00

The WrightSampler ends up being only $6 per meal and allows you to get a taste of campus dining before committing to a larger plan.


What is a WrightSwipe?

A WrightSwipe is designed to purchase a meal, typically an entrée, side(s), and a drink. WrightSwipes can be used at any dining location on campus, including the Nutter Center. You’ll receive the greatest value when you purchase a Wright1 Meal Deal. During the academic year, we will offer Wright1 Meal Deals at various stations in The Hangar and Union Market. For added convenience, you may choose to exchange a WrightSwipe for up to $7 in value at any of our on-campus dining locations. If your purchase exceeds the exchange value of a WrightSwipe, you can use Dining Dollars to make up the difference. 

What are Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are like a prepaid debit card that can only be used at on-campus dining locations. Dining Dollars are great for purchasing snacks or drinks, or when your dining purchase exceeds the WrightSwipe exchange value. They can be used at any of the dining locations on campus, plus Donatos Pizza, and the Nutter Center. Running low on Dining Dollars? You can add more at any time through your WINGS Express account. When you add additional Dining Dollars, you will receive bonus Dining Dollars. The more you add, the more you will receive.

What is RaiderCash?

RaiderCash is the university’s form of currency. It’s a voluntary account on the Wright1 Card that is good anywhere the Wright1Card is accepted.

RaiderCash is also accepted at all dining locations on-campus, the bookstore, Wright Copy, and more. RaiderCash never expires and stays with you for your entire Wright State experience.


Have a question? Contact Hospitality Services at 937-775-5633 or on social media @EatatWright.

Resources from the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

The Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission (MVRPC) sponsors the local RIDESHARE Program, which is available for free to anyone who lives, works, or attends college in Montgomery, Greene, Miami, Preble, Darke, and Clinton Counties. Register at and explore smarter ways to commute like ride-matching to form a carpool or bikepool, transit, and bike routes to match your trip or form a vanpool for longer commutes. For more information, call an MVRPC representative at 937-223-6323 or email

Get the latest updates on major highway construction projects, bridge replacements, and road construction detours throughout the region that may impact commutes. provides user-friendly access to route planning tools, commute solutions, and other ideas to reduce congestion and prevent air pollution.

The Miami Valley Trails form a network of over 300 miles of safe, active transportation routes connecting communities throughout the Dayton region and beyond, supporting bicycle transportation to jobs, schools, and community activities. is a resource for information about construction projects, detours, and events along the trails.

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