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Student Organization Registration and Training

OverviewSORT – Student Organization Registration and Training

The Student Organization Registration and Training (SORT) process provides an opportunity to educate and prepare student organization leaders for their roles. The SORT program is broken down into two parts: registration and training.

The officer will complete the registration form on Engage through the student organization profile. Any member of the organization can complete the registration form. Registration will be available on Engage for 15 to 30 days, depending on the open registration time period.

Training is offered to the executive board members: president, treasurer. The president and treasurer are required to complete the training. The training is focused on general knowledge, University policy, and best practices. The training will be available to student leaders for 15 to 30 days, with a specific schedule available on the website and Engage's events calendar.  

Student leaders are expected to complete the SORT process on their own time. At the beginning of the open registration period, the student organization status will go from "active" to "frozen" to notify the student organization that the registration and training are available. Upon completing all SORT requirements, Student Involvement and Leadership will move the status back to "active." The student organization will be in good standing with Wright State University for the academic year. Failure to complete the registration and training by the deadlines will result in a frozen status.


Registration: Purpose and Goals 


Registration is an annual forum that is completed through the Engage platform. Student organizations confirm that they have met a registered student organization's minimum requirements by completing the registration application. These minimum requirements include but are not limited to establishing the president and treasurer and other executive board positions as needed, established an advisor, reviewed and updated the constitution, and have a minimum of six (6) members. There are multiple open registrations available that accommodate student organization officers who operate on academic terms and calendar terms. Registration is to be completed before training. 


  • Identify student leaders for the next academic year 
  • Identify specific advisor for the student organization 
  • Provide a comprehensive constitution and/or by-laws for the student organization 
  • Establish the minimum six (6) members of the student organization on the roster 

Training: Purpose and Goals 


The training is designed to prepare and educate the leadership roles of the student organization for their term. Training will be completed online through the Engage platform by watching a training video and answering questions on a form. Training is to be completed annually by the minimum required officers, the president and treasurer, of the student organization tiers. The vice president and secretary are recommended to complete the training but are not required to do so. 


  • Assist students in the transition process of their leadership roles  
  • Prepare students for their specific leadership positions through guided workshops and intentional training 
  • Provide general knowledge of university policies and expectations to serve their registered student organization better 
  • Promote education, awareness, responsibility, and positive experiences for the student organization 

SORT: Process and Completion 

All current Registered Student Organizations (RSO), Sport Clubs, Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL), and Boonshoft School of Medicine (BSOM) organizations must complete the SORT program to obtain an active status. 

Student organization leaders and advisors will receive regularly scheduled and personalized email communication from Student Involvement and Leadership to update their progress and completion of SORT. Open registration and training deadlines are provided for 15 to 45 days, providing student leaders with the flexibility to complete the training on their own time. Training is provided to the officers both in-person and online.  

By achieving an active status, student organizations will be permitted to participate in campus-wide events and involvement fairs, reserve space for campus events and meetings, and obtain funding access—failure to achieve an active status results in restrictions to these activities. Continued failure to meet published deadlines will result in an registered student organizations' temporary suspension/disbandment. 

SORT Communication

Email: All student leaders and advisors will receive communication regarding all aspects of SORT from the email address Email communication includes, but is not limited to, general updates and information about the SORT program and personalized progress reports of each student organization regarding the status, registration completion, and training topic completion for each leadership position.

Engage Profile: The Engage profile will house all the training forms, documents, resources, and activities for the student leaders to utilize while completing the training and throughout their term. The profile is created to share events, news posts, documents, and forms that will assist with the SORT brand and program. Student leaders are welcome to join the profile but are not required to. All official SORT information will be provided and linked to the SORT Engage Profile.

Social Media: SORT is coming to Instagram! Follow SORT at @SORT_SIL to get reminders, updates, tips and tricks, live videos, and more. All training videos and additional resources will be available via YouTube.