Student Involvement and Leadership Center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do the different tiers mean?

    The Tiers identify the minimum requirements of the student organization and the required training of the student organization leaders. Visit the Definitions page for more information.

  • What do the different statuses mean?

    The statuses determine if the student organization is in good standing with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Visit the Definitions page for more information. 

  • When are the Involvement Fairs?

    There are three annual involvement fairs throughout the academic year:

    • Do the U – hosted by Student Involvement and Leadership. This event is open to the incoming class of Wright State University during the First Weekend 
    • Fall Fest – hosted by University Activities Board. This event is open to all WSU community members and local businesses. Fall Fest is a welcome party that takes place on the first Friday of the fall semester, with inflatables, food trucks, a DJ, and the opportunity to meet new students who are interested in joining your student organization. 
    • April Craze – hosted by University Activities Board. This event is open to all WSU community members and local businesses. April Craze is the end of the year party that takes place on the last Friday of the spring semester, where there are inflatables, food trucks, a DJ, and the opportunity to meet new students interested in joining your student organization.
    • The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership may also provide several virtual involvement fairs or expos throughout the academic year. These virtual events will be announced throughout the semester, with registration available on the Engage platform.
  • When do I need to complete the SORT program?

    Student organization leaders must complete the SORT program by the deadline of each open registration and training. Visit the Schedule page for more information. 

  • When is open registration available?

    Open registration is defined as the available time for student organizations to submit their registration application on Engage. By submitting this application, the student organization indicates that they are working towards becoming an active student organization for the next academic year or calendar year, depending on when the student organization transitions officers. Visit the Schedule page for more information. 

  • What are the minimum requirements for student organization officers?
    • Minimum requirements are the criteria that are required to be met to obtain active status. Those requirements include (1) president, (1) treasurer, (1) full-time faculty/staff advisor, a constitution and/or bylaws, and a minimum of six (6) members. The president and treasurer are required to complete role-specific trainings.
    • Student organizations that elect vice president or secretary positions will have access to tutorials and training videos on Engage and YouTube to support their roles. These tutorials and training videos are not required to be completed by the leadership positions.
  • How can I access information and resources that was provided in the trainings?

    The SORT: Student Organization Registration and Training profile on Engage has resources and information for you under the “documents” tab. To view those resources, follow these instructions: 

    • Log on to Engage ( using your W# credentials 
    • On the homepage of Engage, click the “Organizations” tab at the top of the page 
    • Search “SORT” in the search bar on the left-hand side 
    • Click the “SORT” profile page 
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find the “Documents” section. Click “View All Documents” to gain access to additional resources within the various folders.  
  • What trainings do I need to complete for my position?

    Training is determined by tier level and officer position. The president and treasurer are required to complete training, while the vice President and secretary are recommended to complete the role-specific training. Visit the Requirements page for more information. 

  • How can I check my SORT status?
    • Email the Program Manager of Student Organizations at 
    • Student organization leaders will get progress reports as their requirements are completed and provided reminders one (1) week before the deadline.  
  • Where do I access the online trainings?

    The Program Manager of Student Organizations will provide the appropriate training tools to each student organization leader via email.

  • What if I can’t complete the SORT requirements?
    • If you do not complete the SORT requirements by the deadline, your student organization will move to the “locked” status for the semester. Your student organization will have the opportunity to work towards active status during the next open registration and open training. Failure to complete the SORT requirements after a second try will result in a locked status for the semester. 
    • After one (1) year of the locked status, your student organization will be subject to inactive status. The student leaders must meet with the Program Manager of Student Organizations to revive the student organization.
  • What if I need to change my executive board position in the middle of the term?

    If an officer position in your student organization becomes vacant, it results in the constitution to fill that position. Once that position has been filled, please complete the Leadership Position Change form to notify the Program Manager of Student Organizations that there has been a change. Your student organization profile will then frozen while the new officers complete the required trainings. The Leadership Position Change form is available on the homepage of Engage under Campus Links.

  • My student organization doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for members, what should I do?

    If your student organization does not meet the minimum requirements, you are invited to have a conversation with the Program Manager of Student Organizations to discuss the challenges and create a plan of action to obtain those minimum requirements. 

  • What does it mean to start a new student organization (NSO)?
    • Starting a new student organization (NSO) means that you are either bringing a brand new student organization to the Wright State University community or bringing a student organization back after being inactive for three (3) or more years. This new student organization has the opportunity to have a new impact on campus and provide a space for students to gather, learn, grow, and support one another and the community it serves.  
    • NSOs complete their own path of the SORT program, where the student organization leaders focus on creating goals, practice having meetings, recruit new members to the organization, and complete trainings that educate and prepare the student leaders for their future roles.  
  • How can I update my constitution?
    • If your student organization needs to update its constitution, please refer to the constitution and follow protocol for voting on the amendments.  
    • You are also welcome to submit a form to have the Program Manager of Student Organizations review your constitution and provide feedback. The Constitution Review Form is available on the homepage of Engage under Campus Links. 
  • How do I create elections on Engage?
    • The Elections tab is available to all student organizations within their Engage profile. The elections tab is a safe and secure form for students to participate in the student organization's elections process. 
    • Instructions on Creating Elections on Engage 
      • Log on to Engage ( with your W# credentials 
      • On the homepage of Engage, click the name of your student organization under “memberships.” 
      • Click “manage organization” on the right-hand side of the page 
      • Click the hamburger menu (the three lines ) next to the student organization name. From that drop-down menu, click Elections.  
      • Click the blue “Create Election” button.  
      • This page will provide you with space to determine the election's name, the open and close dates and times, and a section to provide information and instructions to members completing the elections form. Click the blue “save” button when finished. 
      • By clicking the blue “save” button, you generate a ballot form to provide additional information about the positions available in the election and the candidates running for those positions. 
      • For more information on the logistics of completing the election ballot, please click this link to watch a YouTube tutorial.  
  • How do I update my roster on Engage?

    Updating your roster is one of the most important actions once your student organization obtains active status. Having an active roster helps the student organization to run smoother and permits the office of Student Involvement and Leadership to access up-to-date information from all registered student organizations.  

    Follow these instructions to update your roster: 

    Adding members to your roster 

    • Log on to Engage ( with your W# credentials 
    • On the homepage of Engage, click the name of your student organization under “memberships.” 
    • Click “manage organization” on the right-hand side of the page 
    • Click the hamburger menu (the three lines ) next to the student organization name. From that drop-down menu, click Roster. 
    • Click the blue “+ Invite People” button on the right-hand side of the page 
    • If you add general members to your roster, you will provide all the WSU emails for those members in the provided box and then click “add e-mail addresses.” The “member” permission will be provided automatically to those email addresses. Finally, click the blue “send invitation” button.  
    • If you add members to the roster that need a specific position, you will provide one email address at a time, click “add e-mail addresses,” then assign the appropriate permission to that member. Click the blue “send invitation” button.  
    • When the member(s) accept their organization invitation, their permissions will be automatically assigned. 

    Removing members from your roster

    • Once you have clicked the “roster” menu option, you will click the small box to the left of the member’s name. To end their membership and remove them from the roster, click the blue “end membership” button at the top of the list.  
    • If, for any reason that your student organization roster needs to be completely wiped, you can click the “end all memberships” button. That will clear out all members on the roster.  
    • When removing members, Engage will not permit you to remove the member assigned as the Primary Contact.  

    Please note in managing your roster, the president and treasurer positions are only permitted to be changed by an Administrator, such as the Program Manager of Student Organizations.

  • How do I check the balance of my student organization account?

    Your student organization account balance can be provided by: 

    • Emailing the Accounting Clerk, Robin Johnson, at or by emailing Student Involvement and Leadership at,  
    • Visit Student Involvement and Leadership and ask one of the front desk staff members to provide a print out of your account balance 
  • My student organization has changed leadership, but I don’t see the registration button on my profile. How can I register my organization?

    Email the Program Manager of Student Organizations at Your student organization profile information will be updated. You will then be given additional instructions and access to complete your registration application.

  • How do I get funding?

    Requesting University Funding 

    Student Involvement and Leadership designates university funding to the Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC) to encourage campus engagement through student organizations. Funds provided by the SOBC help foster student engagement opportunities and leadership development at Wright State.

    • Student Organization Budget Committee (SOBC) - SOBC is an annual funding request that student organizations can complete in the spring semester. Requests can be made via your student organization Engage profile. Additional training and meetings with the SOBC committee may apply.
    • Student Funding Committee (SFC) - Student Involvement and Leadership provides an alternate funding source for one-time activities, events, or programs sponsored by registered student organizations that are not otherwise financially supported by SOBC. Additional information about special funding opportunities is available on the student organization funding website.


    • Student organizations are permitted to participate in various fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes, and candle sales. Review the fundraising policy page for additional policies and procedures.

    Student Organization Dues 

    • Student organizations are permitted to require dues within their organization. The dues must be used to benefit the organization and/or the organization's members—examples of what dues pay for include: t-shirts, memberships, apparel, equipment, etc.  

    Donations and the Foundation 

    If your student organization is gifted money to fund a specific initiative or event by someone in or outside Wright State, the money must be deposited into an account with the Wright State Foundation. The WSU Foundation will help the student organization create an account to deposit the money and then provide appropriate tax documentation to the donor if needed.  

    • Student Organization Accounts within the WSU Foundation start with a 5xxxxx 
    • The WSU Foundation provides opportunities for student organizations to create a project with the Foundation through crowdfunding.