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New Student Organizations

New Student Organizations (NSO) 

New student organizations are either brand new organizations to the Wright State University community or are pre-existing student organizations that have not been active for 3 years or more. The process that NSO completes acts as a prerequisite to becoming an active registered student organization. Upon completing this process, the NSO will be reassigned as an active student organization and complete the SORT process at the next open registration that best fits the officer terms.  

Students interested in bringing an NSO to the Wright State University campus community should first review the list of pre-existing student organizations before submitting an NSO registration form. The NSO registration application is available on Engage. Students will receive instructions on completing the registration application via email. After the application is submitted, the student leaders of the NSO will receive email communication from Student Involvement and Leadership regarding training timelines and information about the NSO process. 

NSO’s will have the opportunity to participate in the following items: 

  • Three (3) scheduled meetings  
  • Two (2) tabling events to recruit for membership 
  • Participate in campus-wide events, such as Fall Fest, April Craze, and additional student organization involvement fairs or expos throughout the semester. 


New student organizations will have the opportunity to submit the NSO registration application in the fall or spring semester. The NSO student organization leaders will spend the bulk of that semester completing the constitution, recruiting members, participating in meetings, and preparing to be a registered student organization at the next open registration. 


The minimum requirements for the NSO registration are as follows: 

  • President* 
  • Treasurer* 
  • Full-time faculty/staff advisor 
  • A minimum of four (4) members 

* The president and treasurer are not permitted to be the same student for liability purposes. 


Fall Registration  

  • Opens on Engage: September 1  
  • Closes on Engage: October 15  

Spring Registration  

  • Opens on Engage: January 15
  • Closes on Engage: March 1

Fall Training  

  • Opens on Engage: September 1  
  • Closes on Engage: December 15 

Spring Training  

  • Opens on Engage: January 15
  • Closes on Engage: April 15


NSO student leaders will be required to complete the following process and will have one semester to complete the NSO training requirements. All training content will be available through a link to Engage for completion.


Officer Position

Online Training


Intro to New Student Organization; Constitution 101

Treasurer* Intro to New Student Organization; Constitution 101

* are required positions to meet minimum requirements