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Take Flight is a free, three-day leadership program designed for incoming first-year students at Wright State. The retreat is open to both residents and commuters.

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About Leadership Development

Student leadership is essential for student success. Student leaders provide an integral role in the major decisions surrounding their education and the development of their college experience. Student Involvement and Leadership’s core mission and values are centered around student development. Our goal is to support students through involvement and leadership opportunities.


Within the leadership programs area, we use various leadership activities, assessments, and texts to help develop and shape the different events we put on! Certain texts are specific for some programs, such as our three rotating leadership texts—Salsa, Soul, and Spirit, The Social Change Model, and The Leadership Challenge—used for the curriculum of our leadership retreats. Other assessments play out to further enhance students' understandings of their own leadership style or how different types of leaders can work together within an organization. All of our texts/activities/assessments are designed to allow student leaders to build upon their current skill set while also serving as a launching point for further knowledge and understanding of what leadership means here at Wright State University. Some of these include: 

  • Four Colors Leadership Test 
  • Strengths Finder Assessment 
  • Identity Wheel Activities 
  • Leadership Roundtable Discussions and Debates 

And many others are woven into the different programs we offer through our office.


Established Leadership Retreat

The Established Leadership Retreat is a weekend-long summer leadership experience designed to build relationships between student leaders on campus. The retreat will consist of interactive team building and experiential-based activities and workshops and presentations designed to challenge and engage students in various ways. The curriculum used is one of three leadership texts used in a rotating schedule, allowing students who attend multiple times to have new learning experiences. This retreat will consist of personal leadership development, team-building experiences, networking, and hands-on planning of previously submitted projects. Students will use what they have learned and the student/staff connections they have made to create an action plan for the upcoming school year.

Take Flight 

Take Flight is a three-day leadership program designed for incoming first-year students at Wright State. Held during the week of move-in, this program allows new students to get better acquainted with Wright State and discover the resources available to help them be successful during their first year in college. Additionally, participants gain a new understanding of what it means to be a leader on campus by connecting with current student leaders and taking various leadership assessments to provide insights into their leadership strengths. Following Take Flight, students have opportunities to reconnect with their fellow participants throughout the school year.

Leadership Awards 

The annual Student Leadership Awards ceremony is held every year in April and celebrates our student leaders, organizations, and Wright State community members' amazing accomplishments. Nominations for the awards are submitted during spring semester. During the program, several awards are handed out for various accomplishments, including community service, diversity and inclusion, advisor of the year, and individual student leader recognition. We hope you and/or your organization will be nominated and recognized at a Student Leadership Awards ceremony!