Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services is a non-profit law firm employing 2 full-time licensed Ohio attorneys and other legal professionals to provide confidential legal assistance and representation. The services are designed to assist students in resolving issues in areas otherwise difficult or impossible to obtain legal services at affordable prices while allowing them to continue their education at Wright State University.

Our goal is to provide quality legal services at affordable prices, which allows the students to focus on their education. The attorneys and staff are dedicated to each one of the students at Wright State University.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Your SLS Appointment

In an effort to limit the number of people in the building, no family or friends may accompany you to your appointment. The exception to this would be if we have drafted a will for you and your spouse. Your spouse will be permitted to enter for the purpose of executing your wills.  

All students must wait in the hallway outside of 022 Student Union until an SLS employee asks you to step into the office. Hallway seating will be provided. 

Face coverings will be required, and may not be provided to you by Student Legal Services or Wright State University, depending on availability. Per Wright State policy, you will not be permitted to enter campus buildings without a face covering.

If you are coming in for witnessed signature, document notarization or verification, please remember to bring your photo ID.

Please be sure to maintain at least 6 feet of space between persons to accommodate social distancing guidelines, and use hand sanitizer prior to entering our office. At the conclusion of your appointment, students should leave the building and campus immediately, per university policy.

Did you know that Student Legal Services offers a scholarship? Visit the Enrollment Services (RaiderConnect) Continuing Student Scholarships page to learn more.