Facility Operations

A/E Responsibilities

General Provisions

  • The intent of this section is to outline what is considered the A/E general responsibilities relative to a standard project, the tasks and the process. It also outlines some basic requirements for the Owner.
  • These will not all necessarily apply to each and every project but are typical for medium and large scale projects. Coordinate with project manager on each project.
  • The consultant is to refer to the State of Ohio guidelines and instructions for requirements for required basic A/E scope services and other special A/E services requirements.
  • The listed guidelines are not inclusive. The A/E must adhere to the terms of the contract.

Guidelines for A/E Responsibilities

  • The A/E is to develop the technical proposal based on the project scope and scope of services. Guidelines are listed in another section.
  • A detailed target schedule for design, bidding/award and construction is to be provided to allow continued review of the project progress and adherence of the entire project team to the schedule.
  • The A/E is to identify the main point of contact for the project (PM), the project designer, project architect and main point of contact (PM) for each of the consultants. These main points of contact will be the individuals that will interface and coordinate with the University Project Manager.
  • The main point of contact (PM) will be the person responsible for the communications throughout the project. A project team communications chart, listing all contact information, with all parties listed is to be developed and distributed.
  • Design project kick off meeting will be required with the entire project team and is to be organized, coordinated and directed by the Architect PM.
  • Set up a project team sharefile (FTP) site for use for distribution of files, notes, shop drawings, etc.
  • Design project team meeting notes are to be developed and distributed as well as placement on the project team sharefile (FTP) site.
  • Development of coordinated drawings and specifications. Provide required sets to owner for each design review phase. At schematic level provide equipment cut sheets in organized binder for key building components to allow review and approval by owner
  • Coordinate the estimate of probable construction costs at each phase of the design process. This will be a detailed outline of the costs for each discipline. A summary construction cost sheet indicating each phase as design progresses is required indicating the differences from phase to phase and to the overall FLCC.
  • At the conclusion of the final document review submittal to the owner the A/E is to submit the proper documents to the State and other required governmental agencies, for permit approvals. The A/E will coordinate and communicate the required information to the State plan reviewer for final approval of the project. Updates throughout the construction process will also be required.
  • The coordination of project shop drawings will be required including all consultants. This is to be completed electronically except for physical samples. A transmittal for each as well as maintaining a complete log of activities and approvals with dates will be required.
  • Any and all RFI’s generated on the project are to be answered by the design team within 48 hours. If more time is needed for complex RFI’s a response is needed within 48 hours as to when the final response will be provided. A complete log of activities is required.
  • Any and all bulletin requests by owner and change orders requested from general contractor are to be coordinated by the A/E. Maintaining a complete log for tracking and approvals is required.
  • Project closeout responsibilities include final acceptance of all punch list items, project manual approved and turned over to owner, project record drawings reviewed and updated and turned over to owner.

Guidelines for Owner Responsibilities

  • Develop the final A/E contract and coordinate the execution once the final technical proposal is accepted.
  • Coordinate the users for the project and the University team members to be involved with programming and design. Coordinate access to the building for design team.
  • Be actively involved with the design process through meetings, phone calls, conference calls, etc.
  • Provide guidance on Bid Proposal format, alternates, and front end documents. Provide current wage rates.
  • Coordinate the advertising of the project and the bidding procedures through the University contracting office.
  • Execute any adjustments as required to the FLCC and project budget.
  • Provide any and all existing documents, drawings and specs for existing buildings, utilities, site, etc.
  • Coordinate all in house reviews of design and design document submittals.
  • Coordinate the required FF & E for the project.
  • Interface with Engineering & Maintenance on the MEPT requirements for site utilities and the building.
  • Establish all room numbers for the building spaces to be used in the document preparation.
  • Coordinate the final door keying for the building.
  • Coordinate the final exterior and interior signage for the project.
  • Secure and organize the final project close out documents required and archive at the University.