Facility Operations



  • All materials, colors and finishes to be coordinated and approved by the University  prior to being specified in Construction Documents.
  • Selection of products shall meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria.
  • All finishes shall be Class A fire rated.
  • All paintings in labs should seal the wall, ceiling and floor surfaces for humidity and vapor control.
  • Assure adequate attic stock is built into plans for maintenance.  Designer to specify percentage in each finish spec section per project (5% typical).


093000 - TILING

  • Flooring to be commercial grade porcelain tile for high traffic areas, and meet coefficient of friction requirements.
  • Wall tile in toilet rooms to be ceramic tile with gloss finish or porcelain tile.
  • Keep grout joints as narrow as possible to minimize grout problems and failures.
  • All grout to be a color in same tonal value as tile flooring, or darker to reduce dirty appearance over time of grout joints. All grout in wet areas is to be sanded grout with sealer if joint size permits.



  • Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of Armstrong
  • Medium textured fine-fissured ceilings
  • No snag performance and BioBlock paint inhibit surface growth of mold and mildew
  • Fireguard options in an economical acoustical panel
  • Special attention should be given to wet/high humidity areas with specifying appropriate tile and grid
  • Lab or food and food preparation areas to receive vinyl faced, scrubbable tile.
  • Ceiling grid to be building standard 15/16” in a 2’x2’ or 2’x4’ grid. 
  • Ceiling tile to have and NRC or .55 or higher and a CAC of 33 or higher and be Class A fire rated.
  • All ceiling tile to be high humidity tile.


096340-6623 – FLOORING

  • High traffic commercial grade only
  • Entry level flooring and vestibules shall accommodate walk-off mats or built-in walk-off carpet.
  • Hard surface flooring to be low maintenance/no wax floorings.
  • All adhesives used to be recommended by the flooring manufacturer.



  • Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of Roppe and Johnsonite
  • Cove base, rubber only – vinyl is not permitted; 4” high typical
  • Hot weld products should be utilized only where required to meet Health Department requirements
  • High traffic commercial grade only



096813-6816 – CARPETING

  • All carpeting to be high traffic commercial grade only.
  • All adhesives used are to be adhesives recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Installations shall be glue down installation – stretch installation and carpet padding are not permitted.
  • Carpet requirements (minimum):
  • Environmental Requirements: Provide carpet that complies with testing and product requirements of Carpet and Rug Institute’s “Green Label Plus” program.
  • Dye Method: High percentage solution dye yard
  • Fiber Content: 100% nylon 6,6
  • Fiber Type: Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of DuPontAntron Legacy
  • Pile Characteristic: As selected by Architect from manufacturer’s full range Level loop, Multi-Level Loop, Textured Loop, or Cut & Loop.
  • Pile Thickness: 0.145 inches minimum for finished carpet per ASTM D 6859
  • Stitches: 8.3 stitches per inch minimum
  • Gage: 1/8” inch minimum
  • Face Weight: 18-oz./sq. yd. minimum
  • Backing: Water resistant demonstrating the following properties:
  1. Dimensional stability
  2. Seams pass Lateral Seam Stress Resistance Test
  3. Seams are warranted
  1. Extensive warranty from a responsible commercial carpet manufacturer and approved installer
  2. Lifetime edge revel
  3. Lifetime antistatic
  4. Lifetime antimicrobial
  5. Lifetime backing delamination
  6. Lifetime anti-staining
  7. Lifetime face wear
  8. Lifetime tuft bind
  • Applied Soil-Resistance Treatment: Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of DuraTech Soil Protection by DuPont
  • Fiber Technology: Permanent Stain Resistance as passed by GSA using AATCC Test Method



  • If wallcovering is warranted, it must be commercial grade type II vinyl that is highly wear resistant and scrubable, 21 oz weight or higher.  All corners in high traffic areas must be protected with commercial grade vinyl corner guards that extend from the top of the cove base to a minimum height of six (6) feet.



  • Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of Sherwin-Williams
  • Exterior materials reqiring painting should be minimized or eliminated



  • Meets equivalent performance/standards or exceeds that of Sherwin-Williams
  • All paints shall be commercial grade and shall be highly washable.