Facility Operations

Technical Proposal Guidelines

General Provisions

  • The intent of the technical proposal is to demonstrate how your firm and all consultants will best implement the owners program and scope for the project.
  • There is no formal outline to follow but specific information is required within the document. It must clearly identify the scope of the project, the target schedule (design & construction), the professional fees and the scope of A/E services.
  • The technical proposal is required to be submitted to the project manager within 5 days of request. If additional time is needed please discuss with the project manager.
  • Adapt the technical proposal for the selected project delivery method, general contracting or CM at risk, for the project.
  • The consultant is to refer to the State of Ohio guidelines and instructions for requirements for required basic A/E scope services, allowable reimbursables and other special A/E services requirements.

Guidelines for Submissions

Your technical proposal should clearly and concisely include your understanding of the following:

  1. The project goals, visions and basic scope of the project including any unique or special goals/visions/scope as expressed in the Program of Requirements provided by the University.
  2. Outline the approach to staffing, communication and development of all project design & construction phases, including identification of the main point of contact throughout the project. This includes all of the consultants for the project as well as the architect.
  3. Outline the management of the project as it relates to project schedule for design, bidding and construction, cost estimating development and construction administration. Identify the main individual or company responsible for each of these activities. Indicate any special assumptions the fees are based on relative to the scope of the project or the scope of services.
  4. Provide a target project schedule that includes program validation, schematic design, design development, contract documents, bidding & award, construction schedule and identify all key milestone dates. Adjust schedule as required when a CM project delivery approach is identified.
  5. The project budget (FLCC –Fixed Limit of Construction Costs) including additional special project costs for, fixtures, furniture and equipment, contingency, associate fees, reimbursable expenses, and any other special project costs.
  6. Indicate your proposed fee structure including all consultants for review, evaluation.  The fee should outline the basic A/E design services showing all consultants and broken into each phase of the project. Indicate special/supplemental fees as well as optional services as discussed with project manager for your specific project. Clearly indicate all supplemental and reimbursable fees. A basic sample outline for a general contracting delivery project are as follows:


                                                                                                Proposed Fee                      % Total Design Fee

        A/E Basic Design Fees (Must indicate architect & all consultants for each phase)

                                Schematic Design                                         $__________                    ________%

                                Design Development                                    $__________                    ________%

                                Construction Documents                            $__________                    ________%

                                Bidding/Negotiation/Award                        $__________                    ________%

                                Construction Administration                       $__________                    ________%

                                Project Closeout                                            $__________                    ________%

                                Total Design Fees                                          $__________                    % of construction_____


        Special/Supplemental Fees

                                Identified Task & Consultant                       $__________

                                Identified Task & Consultant                       $__________

                                Special Services                                            $__________

                                Total Supplemental Fees                             $__________


        Optional Fees

                                Identified Task & Consultant                       $__________

                                Identified Task & Consultant                       $__________   

                                Total Optional Fees                                       $__________



                                Plan Approval/Permits                                  $__________

                                Printing Bid Documents                                 $__________

                                Special Travel expenses                                 $__________

                                Total Reimbursables/Allowances                $__________


TOTAL ASSOCIATES FEE                                 $__________   


NOTE:  Provide a target fee for change orders for field conditions and owners request shall be ____% of the change order. Each change order will be reviewed for possible adjustment to this target fee based on scope of the change order.

  1. State the minimum number of hours per week of on-site construction observation by your firm and each of your consultants, exclusive of travel time, included in your fees for basic services.
  2. Include a listing of hourly fees for staff and consultants staff (including mark-up) in the event that additional services are requested.
  3. If requested include the cost to provide project specific professional liability insurance.  If the University elects to purchase this insurance, the premium will be a reimbursable expense. Provide certificate copies of E & O insurance as well as general liability insurance naming the institution as additional insured. It is the responsibility of the Associate Architect to require all consultants to meet the project insurance requirements.


Your technical proposal together with all final negotiated fees will be made a part of the Agreement for Professional Design Services.

The following information is required for all associate architect-engineer firms and their primary consultants in order to complete the release of funds:

  1. EEO certificates for your firm and your primary design disciplines (consultants)
  2. Workmen’s Compensation Certificate
  3. Proof of liability insurance including Wright State being shown as an additional insured.
  4. Specific details of your EDGE participation.
  5. Declaration of Material Assistance
  6. Provide information for all contracts that your firm has had with any state agency or university in the last 24 months


                                                State Agency:


                                                Contracted Services:


                                                Percentage Completed:


                                                Amount of A/E Contract:  $


Please provide this information with your technical proposal for your firm and all your primary design disciplines (mechanical, electrical, structural, construction management, etc., as applicable).


This Technical Proposal is to be furnished in duplicate and is to be limited to the information requested herein.  Information such as previous communications, form 330, general information about your firm or your consultants, index tabs, etc. are not to be included.