Facility Operations



  • Refer to current ADA standards and Accessibility/ADA Requirements section of this document for additional standards.
  • Door hardware shall be standardized throughout the campus and all new buildings and renovations shall adhere to the specifications provided herein.
  • 3’-0” (min) door width to be used on all new buildings and renovations. 
  • Areas that are known to receive large equipment should be specified to have openings capable of accommodating that equipment, and all corridors leading to that space should be designed to be large enough to accommodate that equipment.
  • At least one exterior entry door to a building shall have automatic operator.



  • Exterior applications and high moisture interior areas are not permitted.



  • Aluminum doors and frames shall be factory finished
  • Anodized finishes are preferred



  • Wood doors are required to have fire rating as code dictates.
  • Solid core wood flush doors shall  conform to the requirements of the following codes and standards:
  • Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI)
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
  • National Fire Code (NFC)
  • National Wood Window & Door Association
  • Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) Warranty for solid core wood flush doors shall be for the life of the installed wall assembly.


085113-086200 – WINDOWS/SKYLIGHTS

  • Consult The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Energy Star designation (guidelines for minimum requirements for U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – (http://www.efficientwindows.org/energystar.cfm
  • Thermally broken, low E, 1” insulated glass min.



  • Cylinders:  Schlage 20-740-IC (IC= interchangeable core) x 626 (satin finish) with appropriate keyway.  Schlage Primus IC cores (removable cores) - Corbin keying is not permissible, unless where needed to match existing.  
  • Lock Sets:  All locksets shall be Schlage ND Vandalguard Rhode handle, 626 finish with large format I/C (interchangeable core) with appropriate function.
  • All lockset cores shall be Schlage Primus large format I/C cores.  Keyway to be determined by WSU lock shop.
  • No twist lock permitted - Push-button locks only.
  • No mortise locks.
  • Dorma and Adams Rite products shall not be acceptable.
  • Chexits delayed egress hardware shall not be acceptable.
  • Continuous Hinges:  Roton brand for exterior and vestibule doors.  Sizes and finish will vary.
  • Door closures:  LCN brand #4040XP (5 lb. max pressure limit).  
  • Exit Devices:  Von Duprin 99 or 33 US26D rim device models with 626 satin finish.
  • Exit hardware shall be as manufactured by Von Duprin 9927 series SVR/LBR (Surface Vertical Rod/Less Bottom Rod). 
  • Push pad exit rim devices shall be as manufactured by Von Duprin model 33/A US26D.
  • Automatic door operators:  Besam (primary) and LCN (secondary).
  • Electric strikes:  Hess brand with appropriate voltage.
  • Flush and Surface bolts:  Rockwell 500 or 550 FB and Glynn Johnson 1631xUS26D-SB
  • Hinges:  Ives or Hagger brand all heavy duty type with 5 knuckle ball bearing. Continuous Roton hinges               for exterior and vestibules and finishes will vary.  Pivot hinges shall not be acceptable.
  • Overhead stops:  Ingersol-Rand 7945-US26D
  • Keyless Entry:  Schlage C0100 series keyless entry with key bypass.
  • Internal rod or cable latching devices shall not be acceptable on any door.


  • Push buttons for automatic operators to be located 29” AFF
  • One set of double exterior main entry doors to a building to have automatic operators (single door on minor entries is acceptable)
  • No push buttons on glass mullions
  • No push buttons on railings – install post with push button at appropriate location or wall mounted



  • Aluminum louvers with insect/bird screens to be installed at all new buildings and renovations – open steel louvers not permitted.
  • All exterior louvers must be drainable and be flashed accordingly.