Facility Operations


Wright State University has developed university-wide design & construction standards for use by any individual (University administration, facilities planning, maintenance personnel, design professionals, etc.) involved with new construction projects, renovations, additions, site work, repairs, or ongoing maintenance. Any and all projects at Wright State University, whether in planning, design, construction, or maintenance repairs should follow these Design & Construction standards and fully adhere to the content. As design elements change or are improved, as construction techniques change or materials change over time, adjustments and updates will occur to this document. Any change request can be submitted to the WSU Design Standards Committee for final approval and adoption of the baseline design standards. Updated sections will be listed with new revised dates in the master document and identified on the website.

As projects evolve, they can be very specific in nature given a particularly creative or innovative design or desires from the end users of a project, or there may be maintenance restraints. We realize that some exceptions may be requested as a variance to meet these demands. Any requested variance must be submitted with the request form provided in the Appendix. Variances will be considered and approved by the WSU Design Standards Committee. Any request for a design standards variance must be submitted by the end of the project design development

Adherence to these standards will result in projects designed to reduce the campus impact on the environment during demolition and construction, maintain the safety and health of project workers, and create a final product that takes into consideration the safety, health, and environmental impacts during future use and maintenance activities.

These Design & Construction standards are organized into five parts with easy access from the Table of Contents.

These five parts are as follows:

The use of these performance standards does not, in any way, relieve the design professional of the legal liability and responsibility for the content in any bid documents created based on these Wright State University Design & Construction standards.