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Dig Permits

  • When do I need a dig permit?

    Request a dig permit when:

    • Installing a tent
    • Excavating
    • Boring
    • Digging post holes
    • Installing sign posts
    • Installing fencing
    • Any time the ground at Wright state is going to be dug, bored, scratched, or otherwise disturbed in any way.
  • When should I request my dig permit?

    Request a permit at least 72 business hours before the work starts.

  • Who should request the dig permit?

    Whoever is performing the work should request the permit. Examples could include an outside contractor, a physical plant employee, grounds employee, or project manager.

  • Who is responsible for the Dig Permit being submitted?

    It is the Project Manager’s responsibility along with the contractor/individual performing the work to make sure that a Dig Permit is submitted.

  • Who is responsible for contacting the Ohio Utilities Protection Service?

    Whoever is performing the work should contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service, whether it's an outside contractor, Physical Plant employee, grounds employee, etc.

  • What is the procedure for requesting a dig permit?
    1. First the area of work needs to be marked in WHITE paint. This is a requirement of the Ohio Utilities Protection Service and Wright State University.
    2. Contact Ohio Utilities Protection Service and record the confirmation number on the dig permit request.
    3. Fill out the remainder of the permit request—all areas of the form MUST be filled out.
    4. Email the permit request to digpermit@wright.edu.
  • What happens once my request is submitted?

    Once you send your completed dig permit requeset to digpermit@wright.edu, the following process applies.

    • Design and Construction customer service adds a utility map to the permit.
    • The final permit is emailed to:
      1. Wright State University at digpermit@wright.edu.
      2. Rob Harris at The Underground Detective.
      3. The original submitter.
    • CaTS will send a signed permit to digpermit@wright.edu and the original submitter.
    • The Underground Detective will send an onsite locate report to digpermit@wright.edu and the original submitter.

Request a Dig Permit

The locate area must be marked in white paint/flags by the excavator.  Failure to do so will delay the authorization to dig. 

Make sure the OHIO811 Ticket # you submitted is valid.  By law, you MUST contact Ohio811 at 1-800-362-2764 before digging. You are required to contact them at least 48 hours prior to beginning any digging project, but no more than 10 working days (excluding weekends and legal holidays) before the project. Visit the Ohio811 website for more information


Staff Directory

Javan M. Conley, M.B.A.

Physical Plant Administration
Associate Vice President, Facility Operations
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David Kendrick

Facilities Planning
Facilities, Information and Technology Manager
115K Medical Sciences Bldg, 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435-0001

Frank Martinez

Minor Construction Engineering
Design & Construction Project Manager

Robert A Thompson, B.ARCH

Facilities Planning
University Architect
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Angie Tipton

Engineering & Construction
Budget and Project Accounts Manager Engineering and Construction Department
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