Facility Operations



  • Reference American Concrete Institute for minimum standards.
  • Reference Ohio Department of Transportation for minimum standards.



  • Sandblasted finish is not permitted unless specifically approved by the university.
  • Rubbed finish on interior structural concrete painted surfaces is not permitted.  If a smooth plaster-like finish is desired, specify a thin coat of veneer plaster over the concrete substrate.
  • All exposed interior concrete floors are to be sealed.  A hardener is required where the floor surface is subject to heavy traffic and/or rolling loads.
  • Service room floors such as Mechanical rooms shall be completely sealed from water and moisture penetration.
  • A continuous vapor barrier is required for all floor slabs on Grade:
  • 15-mil minimum thickness
  • Water Vapor Permeance less than or equal to 0.02 perms tested by ASTM E 96
  • Puncture Resistance greater than or equal to 3,000 grams tested by ASTM D 1709
  • Tensile Strength greater than or equal to 65 lbf/in tested by ASTM E 1745
  • Chemical Resistance “Unaffected” tested by ASTM E 154
  • All seams lapped and taped
  • Turn up at all slab perimeters and cut off flush with top face of floor slab.