Facility Operations


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We are responsible for the maintenance of all grounds owned by Wright State University. Our services include:

  • Turf maintenance
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Planting of annual accent areas
  • Road, parking lot, and walkway maintenance
  • Athletic field maintenance and setup
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Snow removal
  • Litter pickup
  • Exterior trash can service

Dig Permits

Visit the dig permit page to learn more.

Grill Requests

We will supply grills, trash cans, barricades, barricade tape, cones, cable ramps, and trash can liners for special events taking place on campus. You need to fill out a request form at the Student Union Administrative Office or in the Residence Life and Housing offices in the Community Building. The completed and signed form must then be delivered to 065 Allyn Hall for scheduled delivery. In order to guarantee delivery at the time of your scheduled event, we must receive your request at least three workdays prior to your event.

Memorial Trees

We recognize the desire of groups or individuals to donate a tree in memory of a colleague, friend, or student. These donations are a welcome addition to the campus landscape. Please complete the memorial tree form (PDF) and deliver it to our department at 153 Campus Services Building. We have final approval on location and tree variety, based on the campus landscape guidelines. The cost to purchase, plant, and care for the tree and to purchase and install the plaque will vary according to the tree variety and the size and wording of the plaque. Total cost is usually $500–1,000. It is the responsibility of the donor(s) to collect the money and transfer it to the proper accounts to cover costs.

Snow Removal Policy

It is our intention to keep roads, lots, and walkways as safe as possible during periods of inclement weather. Success in meeting this goal is based on duration and type of storm. We will use overtime and other resources toward meeting this goal.

Our priorities during a snow event are:

  • Roads plowed and treated to allow access of life safety personnel and equipment if needed
  • Parking lots plowed and treated to allow vehicle parking with an emphasis on handicap parking areas in each lot
  • Paths cleared on each walkway to allow access from parking lots and between housing and buildings on campus

University Inclement Weather Policy