Facility Operations

Thermal and Moisture Protection


  • Refer to Environmental Health & Safety section of this document for fall protection requirements.
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is not permitted.


071113-700 – WATERPROOFING

  • Floors requiring waterproofing shall have membrane continuously extend 4” min. up vertical walls, pads and curbs.
  • All floor penetrations shall receive 4” min. membrane sleeve above finished floor.
  • All foundation walls around basements shall receive membrane waterproofing.



  • Exposed surfaces of masonry blocks and precast concrete shall receive penetrating, vapor permeable, colorless, mildew-resistant water repellent.
  • Concrete masonry units exposed to the exterior shall include integral water repellant in the units and in the mortar.



  • Minimize use of fiberglass in areas needing to be accessed for inspections, maintenance, etc.  Where exposed, use foil backing, plastic or gypsum board to encapsulate fiberglass.


075116-700 – ROOFING

  • All roofs and equipment access on rooftops must meet current OSHA requirements for fall protection.
  • Light colored, reflective roofs with 20 year (min.) warranty required.
  • All seams must be heat-welded
  • Adhesive seams are not permitted
  • Rock ballasted roofs are not permitted.
  • Roof edge parapet walls shall extend 42” min. above roof to prevent fall hazards.
  • Specify 2’-0” min. service walkways appropriately located to service all rooftop equipment from the roof access.
  • Secondary roof drainage system shall preferably be accomplished by exterior wall scuppers, as long as it adheres to current building codes.
  • Downspouts shall tie directly to underground storm drainage system.
  • All roof hatches to be anodized aluminum, insulated and lockable – size 36 x 36 min.
  • All green vegetative roofs must be approved by University.
  • For vegetated roof assemblies refer to Division 32 of this document.


078123-446 – FIREPROOFING

  • Fireproofing materials in exposed locations, lower than 8’-0” to be protected/covered.