New to Human Subjects Research

If you are new to human subjects research, the IRB process can be overwhelming. This checklist will help you get started. Please reach out to the IRB Office if you need additional assistance. Our office has standing office hours on Wednesdays from 11am -12:30pm.


Request an account. For more information, please see the Account Application page.


Complete Investigator Credentialing: CITI Training, Annual COI, Upload CV

Go to CITI to take the online human subjects training course. For more information, please see the Training & Education page.
Complete the Annual COI Disclosure and upload a copy of your CV in the My Profile section in Cayuse.


If you are a student, find a faculty adviser/mentor.
Faculty advisers/mentors are responsible for monitoring all aspects of student research; student research cannot be submitted without a faculty adviser/mentor. This individual will need to satisfy all investigator credentialing requirements.


Develop your study documents: local protocol, consent forms, recruitment scripts, and any other documents needed for your study.

Templates and check lists are available on the Templates & Check Lists page.


Obtain necessary permissions. These may be letters of support for non-Wright State University locations, database access permissions, and/or rights to use certain measures.


Complete & submit the initial IRB application in Cayuse Human Ethics.

For assistance, please see the Initial application page.


Wait for IRB response. The IRB review process takes time. Please allow two weeks before contacting our office for follow up. You can monitor your study progress in Cayuse Human Ethics.


Respond to requested changes in a timely manner. Most applications will require at least one round of changes, especially if this is your first time submitting. The IRB requests all changes be submitted within 60 days.


Receive IRB approval. Once your study receives IRB approval, you need to download the official stamped version of consent documents to use in your study.


Manage your study. Please review the information located on the general information page on filing modifications, renewals/continuations, incidents/reportable events, and responsible record keeping.