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How to Submit

How to Submit Electronic IRB Submissions

Wright State University Investigators are required to use the InfoED Human Subjects Module to submit applications to the Wright State IRB. All new human subject research studies must be submitted using the Initial Application Form. New Humanitarian Device submissions require the HUD Initial Form, while approval to rely on an external IRB of Record requires submission of the External Reliance Initial Form.

All forms within the HS Module are “smart” forms that add/remove questions based on your responses. Therefore, it is important that you answer every available question to avoid submitting an incomplete form.

To facilitate your use of the system, we have posted new required forms and guidance documents below.

Investigator Instructions/Guidance


Forms Released January 2022:


Legacy Forms:

How to Obtain Human Subjects Module Access

It is important to understand before you start an InfoED submission, that the PI, Faculty Advisor (if applicable), and Wright State department chair (if not Premier or Dayton VA) must have an active W-number and relevant InfoED permissions to use the system.

If you have an active Wright State user account, fill out the RSP access request form. Please note that all notifications/approvals in InfoED are sent to your campus email so you must be able to receive your Wright State email to properly use the system. If you would like InfoED notifications to be sent to a different email address, you may forward your campus email.

If you do not have a Wright State account, fill out the account request form, Please plan appropriately as it can take up to two weeks to obtain a Wright State account and set up access to the Human Subjects Module.

If you have a Wright State account but do not have access to the InfoED Human Subject Module, fill out the form that can be found at https://www.wright.edu/rspgatewayaccess to request and obtain access.

If you have not used your Wright State account in some time, you may reset your password via these instructions.

InfoED can be accessed from an on-campus machine or secured wireless connection. If you need to access it remotely, you must first authenticate through Wright State VPN.