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About Cayuse

Cayuse is a web-based software package that is designed to simplify the preparation and electronic submission of proposals and compliance applications. At Wright State, we use Cayuse as the submission portal for proposals encompassing a wide range of Federal, State, and local sponsors. Cayuse is widely used and is in use at institutions such as Miami University and Ohio State University.

Cayuse Login

If you have a Wright State University account, click the WSU button. You will be logged in automatically using single sign-on. Otherwise, if you have been granted Cayuse access, click the direct-access button. The Chrome browser is recommended.

If you have been instructed to request Cayuse access, visit the Cayuse Access Form. For questions/comments about Cayuse, please email

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I access Cayuse?

    You can log into Cayuse using your WSU username (w#). If you are a new employee, student/resident of Wright State and need access to Cayuse, you can submit a request to be added to the system.  If you are not a WSU employee or student/resident but will be involved in a research project affiliated with Wright State, please complete an Account Application

  • How do I submit a COI Disclosure?

    For Annual COI Disclosures, see the instructions here.

    For Proposal-specific COI Disclosure instructions, click here.

  • Can I still access files from RSP Gateway?

    Please contact the corresponding RSP Office (Human Subjects, Animal or Biosafety) for assistance is getting a copy of RSP Gateway submissions.

Cayuse Modules

Fund Finder (GrantForward) - Live

Fund Finder has more than 22,000 funding opportunities worth more than $70 billion, as well as scholarly profiles and calls for papers. With this powerful tool, you can maximize funding, find collaborators, and accelerate research. GrantForward constantly updates its extensive database of sponsors and funding opportunities, allowing thousands of grant opportunities to be gathered from over 9,000 US sponsors. Sign up for GrantForward with your Wright State email to get started.

Proposals (S2S) - Live

The Cayuse Proposals (S2S) module ensures fast, accurate grant proposal submission. 99.99% first-time submission success rate is made possible by 1,500+ real-time error validations. Proposals are submitted faster with pre-populated and auto-fill capabilities. The Copy/Transform feature allows researchers to make use of previously submitted proposals so they do not need to start fresh with every proposal. Collaborations are also easier with subaward import functionality.

Sponsored Projects - Live

Allows the creation of custom routing chains; Tracks events and deadlines; Gives access to proposal and award attachments and budgets.  By responding to questions about sponsors, subcontractors, compliance, export control, and other institution-specific questions, proposal creators cover the required areas of proposal development quickly and effectively.

 Visit the Research and Sponsored Programs Pre Award Training and Events webpage for training dates.

Outside Interests (COI Disclosures) - Live

Today, it’s more important than ever for research staff to complete conflict of interest (COI) disclosures. Failure to disclose risks serious repercussions, from whistleblower reporting and agency investigation, to grant suspension and public mistrust. Cayuse Outside Interests module makes submitting your disclosure quick and easy with its user-friendly interface.

Annual COI form complete this form at least once every year or within 30 days of a change to your financial interests.

The Proposal-specific disclosure will be used for any new proposal or award.

Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Cayuse Human Ethics - Live

The Cayuse Institutional Review Board (Cayuse Human Ethics) is an online human subject research application management system used to electronically prepare, submit, and route research studies for IRB approval. All information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed securely from any location, making it simple for researchers/investigators to upload, edit, and submit human subjects research studies. Users receive electronic notifications whenever an action is required on their part, allowing the study to proceed smoothly through each step of the review process from study creation to final approval.

Animal Oversight - Live

Already approved protocols: When your next annual review would have been due, complete the protocol form in Cayuse. New protocol submissions should be entered directly into the system. Amendments can be entered into the system if the original protocol form has been completed and submitted. If not, the PDF document can be used until the Cayuse form is complete.

Hazard Safety - Live

Already approved protocols: When your next annual review is due, complete the form in Cayuse. New protocol submissions should be entered directly into the system. Amendments and Continuing Reviews can be entered into the system if the original protocol form has been completed and submitted. If not, the PDF forms an be used until the CAyuse form is complete.

Fund Manager - Begin March 2024

Gain visibility into the entire sponsored project funding portfolio; report on spend-down, encumbered, or accrued expenses; and run projections/what-if scenarios.

Project Effort - Begin March 2024

Meet your commitments to a sponsored project. Comply with federal and institutional effort certification, as well as payroll verification policies.