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Incident Reporting

Wright State University is committed to the humane treatment and proper care of all laboratory animals used for research or education in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (Public Law 99-198). Persons who witness or suspect abuse of laboratory animals are encouraged to report such incidents to the following individuals:

Madhavi Kadakia, Ph.D.
Vice-Provost for Research and Innovation

Adrian M. Corbett, Ph.D.
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Anonymous reports may be made through EthicsPoint by calling 1-855-353-3783

No adverse action will be taken against anyone making a report. Reports of animal abuse may remain anonymous.

EthicsPoint Anonymous Reporting

General Information


As of June 27, 2022, the RSP Gateway system will no longer be used for IACUC submissions. We will be implementing an Animal Oversite module in Cayuse which has an anticipated go live timeframe of late September/early October.

In the meantime, download the form below and complete it in a PDF Reader (Adobe or Foxit). Do NOT fill in the form in a web browser because data entered into the form will not be saved. An electronic signature is acceptable. After signing the form, please name the file, like:

Dr. Jane Doe IACUC Application

AUP ### Amendment.pdf

Submit the form by emailing it to

Research Activities:

Teaching Activities:


Training is required prior to working with laboratory animals, and the IACUC will not approve protocols or amendments that include personnel with incomplete training. The training program has five components that are required for anyone proposing to use or otherwise handle laboratory animals.

Introductory Training is offered online through Pilot. Log into PILOT and click on Self Registration from the top menu. Select Laboratory Animal Care and Use from the list of courses. This course will appear on the Home page in My Courses under either All or iContinuous_Year. In content, under Animal Care and Use - Introductory, complete Investigator Core Training Modules 1 and 2. Quiz completion is required. For further instructions please contact the Compliance Coordinator at 937-775-3332.

Refresher Training 3 years after completion of the Introductory course, refresher training is required. This course is available in PILOT in the Laboratory Animals Care and Use course. Completion of the associated quiz with a score of 80 percent or higher is required.

Species-Specific Training is offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). Login to the website with your Wright State username (w-number) and password, register as a Wright State University affiliate, and complete courses on all species with which you will be working. Compliance will be notified when you complete a course. 

Occupational Safety Training is offered online through Pilot. Log into PILOT and click on Self Registration from the top menu. Select Environmental Health and Safety Training from the list of courses. In content, under Animals Occupational Health and Safety, complete the modules under Animal Exposure for Direct Contact – Lab Personnel. Quiz completion is required.

Medical Surveillance Questionnaire: After completion of Occupational Safety training, obtain this questionnaire from LAR or EHS. Complete and return the questionnaire to EHS (047 Biological Sciences). This form must be reviewed by the Occupational Health Physician prior to direct handling of animals, which may take up to one week. Please plan accordingly.

Significant Financial Interest Disclosure: Per University Policy 6110, any faculty, staff, or student who is involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of research must complete a disclosure. The disclosure form can be found in Cayuse. Under your profile, click on COI Disclosures. For more information on SFI disclosures, visit the Financial Conflict of Interest webpage.

Additional training may be required depending on a person's role/responsibility on a project.
The Animal Research Training Requirements Checklist provides a full list of required and role-dependent training.

CITI training is also available for IACUC members.

Federal Guidelines

Contact Information

Amanda Karper, Compliance Coordinator 
937-775-3332 or
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Chat or Video Conference with Amanda on Microsoft Teams


Madhavi Kadakia, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Research and Innovation
937-775-3336 or