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Award Overview

An award is logged when the pre-award staff has collected all the necessary documents in the award to be transitioned to post-award. The date this transition happens is recorded by the Pre Award Proposal Support staff. The pre-award staff member then hands the proposal and all of the award documents over to the post-award grants accountant to process the award in Wright State University’s accounting system (Banner). All awards are generally processed in Banner in the same month in which they are logged.

If the award is a new agreement, then a new grant number is assigned for the award. However, if the award is an amendment to an existing agreement, then the award will be processed against the existing grant number, or a new fund number under the existing grant if it is necessary.

Award Packet

The award packet is emailed to the PI, Co-PI, department chair(s), administrative contact(s), and Business Manager(s) of the college/unit(s) involved. The award packet the Project Administrative Summary (budget, green sheet), Salary Letter, Cost Share Letter, and the award agreement itself. These documents contain the specific information necessary for administering the grant (start & end dates, deliverables/reporting requirements, request instructions for budget revision or no-cost extension, etc.). Other information may also be included if it pertains to the grant but is not included in the actual award (Fly America Act, request for proposal). Award notification letter from the Associate Vice President for Research is also sent separately. This letter defines the PI’s responsibilities for the sponsored project. This information is also available via InfoEd. If you are unable to access InfoEd, please contact the Director of Pre Award.

Award Packets Contents

  • Project Administrative Summary (Budget) – Documents the budget that was submitted to and has been approved by the sponsor.  The budget also documents the amount of the cost that WSU will share and how this cost should be expensed, if applicable. The reporting requirements are also summarized on the Administrative Summary.
  • Salary Letter – Documents who is authorized to be paid, how much, the amount of effort to be performed, and the time frame during which the individual can receive payment.
  • Cost Share memo – Documents if WSU is sharing any of the cost of the project, whether voluntarily or mandatory. The information is documented by adding the grant number in the Activity Code field of the FOAPA (on GRA agreements, PAFs, EPAFs, cost transfers, Wright Buy, etc.). This is only included when the grant has cost budgeted cost share.
  • The Award Agreement – Contains the specific information necessary for administering the grant (amount of the award, the period of performance, deliverables/reporting requirements, requests for budget revision or no-cost extension, etc.). Any deviation from the “four corners” of this agreement must be documented in writing from the sponsor and accepted by WSU.
  • Other Documents –  Documents such as the RFP and Fly America Act (If budget involves foreign travel)

Grant Look-Up

The grant/fund number can be accessed in WINGS Express.

This information is also available via InfoEd. If you are unable to access InfoEd, please contact the Director of Pre Award.

Once you have accessed Wings Express at the above link, select the finance tab. If the finance tab is not showing, obtain assistance from the administrative personnel in your department office or from the Business Manager of your college/unit. Additionally, RSP can assist you in accessing your grant activity and information.

Below are a few methods to assist you in finding the grant/fund numbers that have been assigned to you. 

  1. From the Finance tab, select WSU Finance Extensions, Fund/Orgn Access list. This will produce a list of all of the active funds to which you have access (university funds, foundation funds, as well as grant funds). Balance information cannot be accessed here, but you will be able to see all grant funds to which you have access.
  2. From the Finance tab, select WSU Finance Extensions, Grant Attributes List. This will produce a list of all of the grant funds (active and inactive) to which you have access.  Select a fund and click the submit button. This will produce a screen that shows the attributes that define the type and unique characteristics of the grant.
  3. A more complete guide to viewing your grant in Wings Express can be found in the Grants Administration Workshop (PDF) For additional information view the Wings Express Finance module support page.

Grant/Cost Share Budgets

The budget is broken down into two parts:

  • The first part is the budget as awarded by the sponsor.
  • The second part is the cost-share budget. Cost-share or match is the portion of the budget that is covered by another source other than the sponsor such as:
    • The University general fund (FOAP 19000x-2xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx).
    • The Foundation (FOAP 5xxxxx-2xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxx).
    • Another grant that is allowed to be matched (i.e. federal funds matching state funds, or state funds matching federal funds).
    • Another source that is external to Wright State (InKind).

If the cost share is mandatory (i.e. specified in the award agreement), WSU must report to the sponsor how much of the cost-share has been expensed. This information is captured by adding the grant number in the “Activity Code” field of the FOAPA  if the cost share is expensed to a University Fund or a Foundation Fund. The Program Code used on these transactions should match the program code of the 6xxxxx being cost-shared. 

NOTE: The sponsor may withhold payment of an invoice if the university is not sharing the cost of the project in proportion to the cost that the sponsor is being invoiced.  

Grant Number Request

  • For proposals that have been awarded and routed
    • Grant numbers are generally assigned within a week of the award being logged in after routing
    • All awards logged in by the end of a month are generally processed in Banner prior to the monthly close
    • Notification of grant number is sent out to the PI after it has been processed in Banner
  • Needed for proposals that have been awarded but not yet routed
    • Post Award will confirm that all compliance issues are resolved.
  • Needed for proposals that have neither been awarded nor routed.
    • Post Award will confirm that all compliance issues are resolved.
    • Approval in writing from the business fiscal officer that the college/department will be responsible for all costs incurred, should the grant award not materialize

Compliance Requirements

May include the following:

  • Human Subjects
  • Animal Subjects
  • Hazardous Waste and Recombinant DNA (Insert link to Compliance)
  • Non – Financial/Reporting requirements
  • Financial
    • Budget Restrictions
    • Expenditure Restrictions


Effort Reporting

Is prepared on a semester basis by Juwanna Higgins, Director of Post Award, in the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs (RSP) and is based on the percent of effort that is documented in Banner for work on grants (both direct and cost-share).  Banner is the system of record for all effort by Wright State employees. For additional information about the policies regarding effort reporting view the policies regarding effort reporting and the Effort Reporting and Institutional Based Salary Presentation to BFO (PDF).

Technical Reporting

PIs are responsible for submitting the technical reports to the sponsor. The frequency of the reporting requirements is documented in the award agreement and reiterated on the Project Administrative Summary (budget sheet). System-generated emails are sent out 30 days before the report is due, on the due date and when the report becomes 30 days past due. When the report is submitted to the sponsor, the Grants Accountant is to be copied on the email that submits the report. This provides proof of submission ­­that can be documented in the grant folder, and it allows the Grants Accountant to satisfy the reporting requirement in Banner. (If the report is submitted by US Mail, a copy of the cover letter that accompanied the report should be sent to RSP.)

Note: Failure to submit technical reports in a timely manner can delay payment of an invoice, delay closeout of the grant, cause an audit finding, or could result in loss of future funding.

Fiscal Reporting

All fiscal reports are to be submitted by RSP and are based on the information that is documented in Banner, the system of record. If a technical report has a fiscal component to it, the PI should forward that part of the report to RSP. RSP will prepare the information, which will be certified by the Director of Post-Award, and forwarded back to the PI to be submitted as part of the technical report. 

Note: This is necessary because other institutions have received an audit finding for failure to review and certify financial information that was submitted on technical reports, whether the information was accurate or not.

Equipment Reporting

If the equipment is purchased by the grant or loaned to the University in order to conduct the research, WSU must submit the sponsor’s form to report on the status of the equipment (description, value, location, retained or returned at the end of the project). The award document will determine the frequency that this report must be submitted (i.e. annually, or at the end of the project).

Invention Reporting

At the end of the research project Wright State University may be required to submit the sponsor’s form to report to the sponsor if there are inventions or patents that are a result of the research. All inventions must be reported, regardless of whether they are patentable. In addition to tangible products, other examples of inventions include new software, new reagents, new uses for existing reagents, new cell lines, and new animal models. If, as PI, you believe you may have created something commercializable, such as an invention for patenting purposes, useful software, or research materials that you envision sharing with others (either for free or for a fee), please contact the Office of Technology Transfer.