Award/Agreement Acceptance Processes in Pre-Award Services

Pending Awards

Grant Status

Many sponsors notify the PI/PD and/or the University’s Authorized Official that his/her proposal has been selected for funding prior to transmission of the actual award notice. However, if the PI/PD has not been contacted by the sponsor regarding the funding status, and the start date of the grant is close, the Pre Award Administrator will contact the sponsor to inquire on the status of the award if the PI/PD submits a request.

Just-in-Time (JIT) Process

The National Institutes of Health agencies use the Just in Time (JIT) process prior to making the actual award. JIT allows applicants and signing officials to submit certain elements of a competing grant application at a later date in the application process – after peer review is completed and as the application is being considered for funding.

The NIH agency will contact the PI/PD/Signing Official for the documents needed (typically by email). Applicants should only submit JIT information when it is requested by the NIH agency (even if the JIT link appears in PI/PD eRA Commons profile).

These documents typically include (when applicable):

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval
  • Laboratory Animal Care and Use Committee (LACUC) approval
  • Human subject assurances
  • Other Support (Current and Pending)
  • Biosketches for new key personnel
  • Budget clarification
  • Additional questions

The PI/PD will go to the NIH eRA Commons portal and upload the required documents using the JIT link provided in the grant. Once everything is uploaded the PI/PD will want to notify the Pre Award Administrator as the Signing Official for the University is required to submit the JIT to the sponsor.

Receipt of Official Award Notice

  • Awards are the official documents received from the sponsor agency, which will include the final approved budget; the period of performance (i.e., project dates); and terms and conditions of accepting the award.
  • The award can come in the form of a Grant; Contract; MOU; MOA; Cooperative Agreement; Research Agreement; or Subcontract.
  • It is the responsibility of the Pre Award Administrator to review the terms and conditions of the award document and negotiate a resolution to any unacceptable or undesirable terms that would create a compromising situation for the investigator or the University. It is the intent of RSP to finalize negotiation of an award document as succinctly and quickly as possible; however negotiation may take several weeks depending upon the sponsor and the scope of the requested revisions.
  • Research and Sponsored Programs accepts awards (grants and contracts) on behalf of Wright State University. If any award documents are sent directly to a PI/PD, s/he should forward them to the Pre Award Administrator immediately.
  • It is important to note that only the University’s Authorized Official has institutional authority to legally bind the institution in grants administration matters. Ellen Reinsch Friese, Associate Vice President for Research, serves as the Authorized Official. In general, awards are made to Wright State University rather than an individual applicant.
  • After obtaining signatures, the Pre Award Administrator will return the award to the sponsor. The receipt of the fully-executed award document initiates the processing of the award.

Pre Award Steps in the Award Process

  • Once the fully-executed award is received in RSP, the Pre Award Administrator will check to make sure all compliance has been completed as required for the awarding sponsor.
  • For non-Public Health Services (PHS) funding that is basic or applied research, RSP will confirm all project personnel who are categorized as investigators have current annual Significant Financial Interest (SFI) Disclosure forms on file. The Pre Award Administrator will send out a reminder to any investigators to update their SFI if it is no longer current.
  • For all non-PHS funding, if the project involves human or animal subjects, RSP will confirm IRB/IACUC protocols are approved and proper human and/or animal subject training has been completed. If there are any hazardous materials or recombinant DNA, RSP will check with the PI/PD on the approved assurances. The Pre Award Administrator will send out a reminder to the PI/PD at the time of the award if any of these items are still marked as pending.
  • PHS funding requires additional compliance measures. In addition to those compliance checks listed above, RSP will also confirm:
    • all personnel who are categorized as investigators have current annual SFIs on file, CITI Conflict of Interest (COI) and Commitments training.
    • all subrecipient institutions included on a projects are compliant with the PHS policy.
  • The Pre Award Administrator will work with the PI/PD to finalize any budget changes necessary for the award.
  • It is the responsibility of the PI/PD to abide by all the terms and conditions contained within the award materials.

Proposal Tracking in the RSP Gateway

  • The Pre Award Administrator will enter all awards in the RSP Gateway Proposal Tracking module and pass along the award to the Post-Award Administrator for award processing in the Banner system.
    Note: Proposal Tracking provides the PI/PD access to his/her historical files of proposals and awards.
  • The assigned Post-Award Administrator will contact the PI/PD when the financial account has been set up in Banner, or if s/he has any questions that need to be addressed.