Accessing Grant Information

Current Balance and Overall Grant Financial Information

  1. Log on to WINGS Express using your University ID and PIN; or view the WINGS Express button on your WINGS homepage.
  2. At the Main Menu, select Finance.
  3. At the Finance menu, select Query Budget.
  4. On the next screen, under ‘Budget Status by Account’ select Create Query.
  5. On the next screen, check ‘Accounted Budget,’ ‘Year to Date,’ ‘Encumbrances,’ ‘Reservations,’ and ‘Available Balance,’ then select Continue.
  6. On the next screen, make sure the Fiscal Year field shows the current fiscal year (where, for example, any date within the period 7/1/2014-6/30/2015 would be fiscal year 2015) and that the Fiscal Period field shows the current month (where July = 1).  Comparison field should both say ‘None,’ and Chart of Accounts field should be ‘W.’
    • For awards with one grant/fund number:
      Type in your '66' grant number in the Grant field. All other fields should be blank. Always make sure that the "include revenue" button is unchecked, otherwise you will not see a balance available in the balance available column on the grant total line. Select Submit Query.
    • For awards with one grant number and multiple fund numbers (e.g., a grant that has been split into two expenditure pools to accommodate on-campus and off-campus portions; or a Research Challenge award where the prime grant from the Regents has a grant number and each individual sub-award has its own fund number):
      Type in the '66' grant number in the Grant field and your '66' fund number in the Fund field. All other fields should be blank. Always make sure that the "include revenue" button is unchecked, otherwise you will not see a balance available in the balance available column on the grant total line. Select Submit Query.

      Note: If you're not sure where to enter your '66' number, put it in the Index field and select Submit Query. This should fill in the correct fields. It might also fill in the Program field, so to be on the safe side you should delete any entry in this field. Select Submit Query again. The only problem with this method is that it will only show you fiscal-year-to-date information rather than grant-to-date information.

      On this screen you should be able to “drill down” on any of the numbers except the ones in the 'Adjusted Budget' and ‘Available Balance’ columns.  You can drill down on any numbers that are green to obtain more information about what makes up the amount in green. You can drill down to the document for all transactions submitted electronically in Banner Finance. You can also download a query or a subset of a query to Excel, where it can be sorted and manipulated as needed.
  7. The next screen should show you your current balance. ALERT! Banner may not show a true balance available for your grant because of anomalies in the encumbering of salaries, fringe benefits, and overhead costs (F&A, account 799000). To get true balances available for salaries and fringe benefits, you will have to download the numbers into Excel, manually subtract the year-to-date expenditures in each salary/fringe line from the adjusted budget number in that line, and then subtract whatever salaries/fringes you expect to spend for the rest of the year. Then replace these balances in the Available Balance column for each salary/fringe line. Finally, to get a true balance available overall, manually add a negative F&A balance to, or subtract a positive F&A balance from, the total grant balance.

Banner provides no navigation buttons to go forward and back between screens—you just have to use the relevant buttons on your browser.

If you don't see any data when you query a grant, it could mean one of at least three things. One, there is no activity recorded on the grant. Two, you don't have access to the default orgn that has been assigned or used with respect to the transactions that have hit the grant. Three, you have entered a fund-only number in the grant field. Contact your college department administrator for assistance.

Details on Monthly Transactions

  1. At the bottom of any Banner screen, select Transaction Detail.
  2. Check "Year to Date".
  3. Enter/review the fiscal year, period, and grant number as in Step 6 above; select Submit Query.

In the chart that comes up, expenditures (YTD) will show arranged by Period (2nd column). You can only “drill down” on the document code (3rd column) and doing this may or may not give you further useful information. You can download the data for manipulation into an Excel spreadsheet.

"Expired Grant Funds," "Grant Fund Balances," and "Terminated Grants" Reports [of interest to Business Managers]

View the Grant Account List (XLS). The report has three tabs: one showing expired grant funds, one showing current grant fund balances, one showing terminated grants.  The file is best viewed in Internet Explorer 11 and Excel 2013; Chrome with Excel 2010 or 2013; or "Save"/"Save As".

Cost Share Reports [of interest to Business Managers]