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External Funding Resources

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Resources for Searching for Funding Opportunities

Sponsored Programs Information Network (SPINPlus)

SPINPlus is a comprehensive subscription database with over 40,000 funding opportunities from over 10,000 global sponsors. SPINPlus provides a modern full-text search of entire records.

Gaining Access:

  1. Visit the RSP Gateway.
  2. Select “Login” in left side menu.
  3. Complete Wright State University authentication using university issued “w” number and network password.
  4. Click on "Find Funding" at top of resulting page.

Note: The RSP Gateway can be accessed while on campus (within the WSU data network) or off campus. If accessing the system from a wireless device on campus or any device off campus, users must first complete the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) process.

If you are unable to access the RSP Gateway, please contact your designated PreAward Administrator or call 937-775-2425. search tool allows users to search by keywords, categories, eligibility, agencies, and instrument types for all opportunities announced by federal agencies.


FedBizOpps offers both a basic and advanced search tool for federal funding opportunities.

Ohio Board of Regents Action Fund

The Action Fund provides matching funds to Ohio's universities to compete more effectively for federal or other peer-reviewed research support for university research proposals that include capital equipment or facilities.

Procedures for “Limited Submission” Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

A limited submission is defined as a sponsor RFP that limits the number of proposals an organization is allowed to submit for consideration of funding. When a limit is imposed, the following university procedures will be followed:

Procedure A is to be used in cases of advanced-notice RFPs; and Procedure B is to be used in last-minute situations.

  1.  A limited submission funding announcement comes to the attention of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) or a faculty member at least several weeks prior to the submission deadline.
    1. If it is anticipated that at least one proposal will be submitted, RSP will send out an announcement on the faculty list serve and post an announcement on the RSP website requesting abstracts by a specific date prior to the proposal deadline date from all those interested in applying to the limited submission.
    2. Upon receipt of those abstracts, if RSP finds Wright State does not exceed the number of proposals on the sponsor's limit, all those submitting abstracts may submit proposals. If RSP finds that the maximum number of allowable proposals is exceeded, the Vice President for Research, in conjunction with the appropriate deans, will make the final determination on which proposals will be allowed to go forward.
    3. If RSP receives any proposals for a limited submission RFP after the requested date for abstracts, these proposals will not be considered for submission unless RSP did not receive any abstracts by the original specified date (or received fewer than the number allowed). If RSP did not receive any abstracts by the original date (or received fewer than the number allowed), these proposals will be treated on a first come, first serve basis until the maximum number allowable is reached.
  2.  A faculty member brings a limited submission proposal to RSP that has not previously been announced with a deadline date for abstracts.
    1. If there is enough time (at least ten working days prior to the deadline), an announcement will be sent out and instructions (A) will apply.
    2. If there is less than ten working days prior to the deadline, the proposals will be submitted on a first come, first serve basis. If any proposals come in after WSU has reached their maximum number of submissions, those proposals will not be able to be submitted.

Call for Abstracts for Limited Submissions

Continue to check this site for updates to limited submission opportunities.