Internal Routing Process

Wright State University requires that all proposals for funding by external agencies (whether as grants, contracts, subcontracts, or agreements) go through an internal routing process prior to submission of the proposal. The routing process serves to advise and inform administrators such as department chairs and college deans of possible future project activities and commitment of a faculty or staff member; it also ensures that all Wright State University (WSU) compliance requirements have been met.

Internal Routing Deadline

Proposals are to have completed the internal routing prior to submission to the sponsor; therefore, it is best to start the process well before the proposal’s due date. 

  • Five (5) business days prior to the submission deadline, the PI/PD sends the final budget (requested and cost share), budget justification, and abstract to the Pre Award Administrator.  The budget justification and abstract can be in draft form as long as reviewers are able clearly understand the proposed project and what institutional resources will be required. 
  • Routing - Cayuse routing steps coming soon!

Proposals are routed to the following people in the following order:

  1. Principal Investigator/Project Director (PI/PD)
  2. Co-Investigators
  3. Department chairs of personnel working on the project
  4. Deans of departments who have personnel working on the project
  5. Any department or person who is committing cost share funds or effort for the project
  6. RSP’s Director for Compliance (if the project is coded as Basic or Applied Research)
  7. Authorized Institutional Official

Proposal Submission Deadline

Two (2) business days prior to submission deadline, the complete proposal ready for submission is due at RSP.

The above guidelines allow for the internal routing process to take place; provide for a proper review of the proposal before submission; and allow time for any necessary changes that may need to take place prior to submission or corrections after submission required by an electronic submission system. Electronic submission systems such as do NOT allow corrections AFTER the submission deadline.

RSP staff will give priority to those proposals that have been submitted on time and will not let late-arriving proposals affect the review and submission of on-time proposals.