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Proposal Submission

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With the exception of proposals for direct pay awards to individuals, all proposals for extramural funding are submitted with Wright State University as the applicant. As such, the University has designated Madhavi Kadakia, Ph.D., Interim Vice Provost for Research, as the Authorized Organization Representative/Institutional Official for proposal submissions.

A proposal is ready for submission when it contains all elements required by the sponsor (and additional documents allowed as optional) AND the internal routing process is complete. Below is a description of procedures for submitting proposals using a variety of methods.

Electronic Proposal Submission

Through Grants.gov to Sponsor. Wright State University is registered with and RSP maintains one University-level profile for electronic submissions through the Grants.gov portal to the recipient sponsor. There is no need for an individual PI/PD to register with Grants.gov. Application packages for submission to Grants.gov are created and completed within the RSP Gateway for eventual seamless submission to Grants.gov. Once the internal routing process is complete, the PI/PD is responsible for communicating to the Pre Award Administrator that the proposal is ready to submit. 

Other Electronic Portals

For those sponsors that do not utilize Grants.gov, but rather have other electronic submission portals to which Wright State University is registered and the sponsor requires RSP participation in the submission process (i.e. NSF, HRSA), once the internal routing process is complete, the PI/PD is responsible for communicating to the Pre Award Administrator that the proposal is ready to submit. Proposals that are submitted directly to the sponsor by the PI/PD must still be routed internally for approval before submission to the sponsor.


When an external sponsor requires the submission of a proposal as an email attachment, the PI/PD can decide whether or not to seek the support of the Pre Award Administrator to complete the submission. If the PI/PD makes the decision to submit the proposal, s/he will send an email confirming this decision, and copy the Pre Award Administrator on the submission email for the RSP proposal record file. If it is determined that the Pre Award Administrator will submit the proposal, the PI/PD will be copied on the submission email to the sponsor.

Because of potential information technology glitches, slow Internet traffic, and heavy deadline days, the PI/PD is strongly encouraged to follow the RSP internal deadline and be prepared to submit the proposal at least two (2) business days ahead of the sponsor’s published deadline. Advance submission allows for the correction of unforeseen or overlooked errors and resubmission before the program deadline.

Paper, or Combination Paper/Electronic Proposal Submission (When required by the sponsor)

Similar to email submission procedures, the PI/PD can choose to submit the required paper-based proposal to the sponsor, or request that the Pre Award Administrator complete the submission. The PI/PD should confirm in an email to the Pre Award Administrator as to who will complete the submission. RSP will make all required proposal copies upon request and ship via postal mail or express carrier as needed.