Wright State Career Fairs 2023 Fall Semester, hosted by Career Services

Wednesday, October 18, 2023, 9:30 am to 4 pm
Current Students

Internships! Co-ops! Careers!
Explore opportunities at Wright State In-Person and Virtual Career Fairs 2023 Fall Semester.

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Video of In-Person Career Fair 2023 Fall Semester

Students & Alumni

Wright State will host Virtual and In-Person Career Fairs on Wednesday, October 18, 2023.

What's a Career Fair?

Video of Fall 2022 In-Person Career Fair

At Wright State Career Fairs:

  • Find Career Services staff to answer your questions.
  • Introduce yourself to recruiters.
  • Learn about internships, co-ops, and career positions.
  • Ask questions you developed when reviewing the employer websites.
  • Get ideas and connections for your career future.
  • Gain confidence in job search interactions.

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Wright State University Career Fairs 2023 Fall Semester are hosted by Career Services

Questions? Email career_services@wright.edu

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff are invited to attend in-person career fairs, interact with employers, and support student and alumni participants.

Employer Information

Employer registration has closed.

Wright State In-Person Career Fair 2023 Fall Semester has reached capacity - it is sold out.

Wright State Career Fairs are for employers hiring directly into their organization, for internships, co-ops, and career positions requiring a college education.

Staffing agencies and employers offering generalist positions that do not require a college education:
Please email career_services@wright.edu to learn about recruiting opportunities to meet your needs.

For information, contact
Wright State University Career Services
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