PPH 7510 Strategic Leadership in Health Care Organizations: COVID-19 Panel Discussion

Tuesday, December 1, 2020, 5:40 pm to 7:30 pm
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Course director, Edward Syron, Ph.D., invites you to participate in a panel discussion on COVID-19 challenges. Dr. Syron will moderate the discussion. 

Panelists: Tom Hardy, D. O., Chief of Staff Dayton VA Medical Center; Brenda Kuhn, Ph.D., RN, Chief Clinical Officer Kettering Health Network; Jayne Gmeiner, M.S., RN, Chief Nursing Officer, Dayton Children’s Hospital; Mikki Clancy and Nick Lair, M.H.A., System Vice Presidents for Premier Health as well as co-leads for Premier's COVID response 


Emergency management efforts are critical to effectively prepare and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Healthcare organizations operate in extremely complex environments that can be significantly disrupted in an emergency setting.  The onset and outbreak of COVID-19 has challenged even the most well-prepared healthcare organizations with its threat to both patients and staff.  Effective, life-preserving, and rapid responses required decisive and uniquely adaptive leadership activities, coordination, and organization to deal with a fierce and initially unknown threat to the health of our society.  The focus of this panel’s senior executive healthcare leadership representing Dayton Children’s Hospital, Kettering Health Network, Premier Health, and the Dayton VA Medical Center will be to cover and provide a general debrief of the COVID-19 pandemic responses and activities from a leadership perspective.  

WebEx Link (12/1 @ 5:40pm): https://wright.webex.com/wright/j.php?MTID=m43d431a836bd35bb6cb78e456156... 

Or Join by phone: 1-415-655-0003 (US Toll) / Access code: 172 834 0072 

For Information: Contact Leah Elliott, M.P.H. Graduate Assistant, elliott.147@wright.edu 

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