Retirees Association


Jul 26, 2019
Mark was a proud academic who enjoyed teaching and debating world cultures and religion with colleagues, students and friends, and he was quite the entertainer at the family dinner table. He loved scenic drives through the mountains, countryside and the coasts, In & Out Burger, Maryland-style steamed crabs, cold beer, dry martinis with green olives, the song parodies of Allan Sherman, and the WYSO Celtic music show “The Dear Green Place,” among many other things. He died on July 18, 2019.
Marcia Olsen
Jul 18, 2019
Marcia Olsen was the secretary to the university’s senior vice-president, in addition to playing a major role in the university's United Way Campaign. As one of her friends said about her, “She is a loving, caring, intelligent, articulate, witty woman.”
Jun 17, 2019
Richard Grewe, who served as director of safety at Wright State in the 1970s, died June 14, 2019, in Sydney, Ohio.
Donald Jacobson
Jun 14, 2019
Don Jacobson, who died June 9, 2019, was remembered as a very kind, well-read man who was intensely interested in the world around him.
Dorothy Miller
Jun 10, 2019
Dorothy Miller, who retired in 1991, enjoyed annual vacation misadventures and legendary pranks with her ‘Golden Girl’ friends from WSU’s Admissions Office: Charlene Sweet, Marilyn Adamo, and Ruth Kurieger. She died on May 31, 2019.
Carolyn Ulmer
Jun 1, 2019
She loved reading, flowers and gardening. She loved to sew and her clothes looked like they came from a store. She loved music, especially Marvin Gaye, Lou Rawls and Jerry Butler, but her favorite song was “How Great Thou Art.” She died May 20, 2019.
Willie Moncree
May 20, 2019
Willie Moncree was a proud U.S. Navy Veteran, serving from 1987–1994. He worked at the Wright State University Libraries from 1995 until his death on May 11, 2019.
May 13, 2019
Mr. Johns was a retired librarian who served at Virginia Commonwealth University for almost 11 years and for nearly 22 years at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He died May 8, 2019.
Nina Fannin
Apr 1, 2019
Nina Fannin retired from Wright State University, where she worked as an executive secretary in the School of Medicine. She died March 31, 2019.
Jim Walker
Mar 22, 2019
Jim had a long and distinguished career as professor of political science at Wright State University, where he was considered an expert in constitutional law. He loved teaching and touched the lives of many students in his 33 years at Wright State. He died peacefully at home on March 17, 2019.