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Retirees Association

About the WSU Retirees Association

WSURA 2019 luncheonPurpose

The Wright State University Retirees Association (WSURA) is a service-oriented organization devoted to serving the social and recreational needs of retirees, including providing opportunities for continuing service to the university and fellowship with one another. Comprised of retired faculty and staff, the association supports several student scholarships, and its members contribute generously to university fund drives and participate in a broad range of campus activities.

The WSURA Board has provided support to the Wright State University Archives’ Oral History Project. Several members have conducted interviews and the WSURA student employee has devoted many hours transcribing those interviews. This contribution of student time has significantly hastened progress toward completion of the project. Many transcripts from those interviews can be accessed through this website.

Membership in the Retirees Association provides a variety of benefits above and beyond those afforded to all retired Wright State university faculty and staff. Annual memberships for $25 and lifetime memberships for $100 are available through a secure credit card payment on this website or by contacting the WSURA office and requesting a form for registering through the mail.

Organization and History

In the autumn of 1993, Wright State University had a retiree population of more than 400. Recognizing that this large group wanted contact with the university and with each other, the Wright State University Retirees Association was formed to encourage a continuing relationship between retirees, the university and the community. Now, 26 years later, there are more than 1,275 living retirees.

Office Hours

Office hours for this semester are recorded on the office phone (937) 775-2777, or you can view them below. If you have questions that cannot be addressed by the office staff, please contact one of the board members listed on the WSURA board webpage.

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