Retirees Association

Alumni Association

Campus scene with studentsThe Wright State University Alumni Association was founded in 1971. The purpose is to foster a fellowship of individuals who share a common institutional interest and to develop a sound collegiate heritage by coordinating activities and services, which contribute to the academic, cultural and physical growth of Wright State University.

Over the past four decades, Wright State University has awarded over 100,000 degrees to over 90,000 alumni who have benefited in many ways from the Alumni Association. Since 1994, the Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship program has been providing tuition assistance to students pursuing their WSU degrees. These scholarships are intended for the families of Alumni Association members and continue the growth of our institutional heritage.

The retirees have a working relationship with the Alumni supporting their Alumni College and promoting their activities. Retirees are eligible to participate in the extensive Alumni Tours to world-wide destinations

All retirees are eligible for most of the benefits offered to members of the WSU Alumni Association. WSURA members also are eligible for benefits available to Alumni Association Gold Members.