Dayton Campus Emergency Action Plan

Active Shooter/Person with Gun

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About Active Shooter/Person with Gun Incidents

Police are trained in responding to an active shooting incident by entering the building as soon as possible and proceeding to the area of the shooter.

Note: Police may not be able to immediately aid people. Their main goal is to get to the shooter.

Remain calm and be patient.

Let the police do their job.

Adopt a survival mindset: Mentally and emotionally prepare to confront a life threatening risk.

Figure out

  • What is going on?
  • Where is it happening?
  • What are my paths of escape (main entrance, back door, window, fire escape)?
  • Can I get to an exit without confronting the shooter?
  • Is it better to hide out?
  • What are you options if confronted by the shooter?

Get out

  • Move quickly to exit the building.
  • Break a window out if necessary.
  • Don't wait for others to validate your decision.
  • Leave your belongings behind.

Call out

  • Call 911. Provide the following information:
    • Your name and location
    • Location of the incident
    • Number of shooters
    • Description and identity of shooter(s)

If you cannot exit the building

Hide out and Keep out

  • Go to the nearest room or office.
  • Close, lock and barricade the door.
  • Silence your phone.
  • Turn the lights out. Cover windows if possible.
  • Hide behind furniture or equipment.

Spread out

  • Spread out in the room.
  • Keep quiet. Act as if no one is in the room.
  • DO NOT answer the door.
  • Call 911 if you cannot be heard by the shooter.

Take out

  • If you are in a group, make a plan to overcome the shooter.
  • Confront the shooter if there is no other option.
  • Do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat.
  • Disrupt the actions of or incapacitate the shooter.
  • Throw things (like books, office supplies), yell, use improvised weapons (fire extinguisher, chair, pen, keys)

Keep a survival mindset - I will survive!

Ultimately, the choice is yours. The only wrong action is no action.

These incidents are unpredictable and may change rapidly. Follow police instructions immediately.