Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Operations Plan

The Wright State University Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) is the product of a collaborative effort between the Office of the President, university police, emergency management, and the various departments with assigned responsibilities, which are identified in the Emergency Support Functions section of this document.

The EOP is presented in two sections:

  1. The Base Plan provides an overview of the threats and hazards that pose the greatest risk to Wright State, the university’s capability to respond to those threats, the organizational response structures, basic roles and responsibilities, and the general operational and functional approach for responding to and recovering from campus emergencies.
  1. Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) are resources and capabilities grouped into functional areas most frequently needed during response-and-recovery operations (e.g., transportation, communications, mass care, etc.). These functions are coordinated by a single lead department, but may require support from other departments or agencies to provide additional resources and services. ESFs provide an operational-level mechanism to quickly and efficiently activate the resources, services, and expertise of university departments necessary to respond to and coordinate the recovery from campus emergencies. The organizational structure of the ESFs is scalable to the needs of an emergency and ESFs may be activated in whole, or in part, depending on the circumstances.