Dayton Campus Emergency Action Plan

Suspicious Object, Package, Etc.

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This Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is intended to provide Wright State University employees, students, and visitors with important information to prepare for and respond to suspicious behavior and/or package that maybe identified on campus.


Be aware of your surroundings.  Know what and who belong where.  

The Wright State Police Department offers a 24 hour safety escort program for the campus community members who do not wish to walk alone on campus or to their cars.  This is done by either police officers or student patrol officers.  To request a safety escort, contact the Wright State Police at 937-775-2111.

Suspicious Behavior

Report all suspicious behavior to University Police at 937-775-2111 or 911 from a university phone.  Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • What the person is doing
  • Location
  • Physical and clothing description
  • Weapons or tools
  • Vehicle description, license plate number
  • Direction of travel when last seen

Suspicious Packages

All students and employees should be aware of the possible indicators of a suspicious package.  The presence of one or more of the following features should be cause for concern:

  • Unexpected mail with foreign postmarks, airmail, or uncharacteristic or abnormal delivery markings.
  • Postage irregularities; including excessive postage, no postage, or unusual stamps.
  • Return address irregularities such as no return address, a return address that does not match the postmark, or a return address that is not familiar to the person to whom the package is addressed.
  • No postmark (may indicate hand delivery).
  • Delivery addresses irregularities such as a title without a name, an incorrect title with a name, a generic title that is not used at Wright State University.
  • Badly typed, misspelled, or poorly written addresses and markings.
  • Restrictive markings or special handling instructions, such as "Personal," "Confidential," "Special Delivery,” or "Open by Addressee only".
  • Visual distractions on the package such as drawings, statements, or handmade postage.
  • Rigid or bulky envelope.
  • Oddly shaped, unevenly-weighted, lopsided, or lumpy package.
  • An odor emitted from the package.
  • Stains or discoloration on the package.
  • Protruding wires, tinfoil, or other conductive materials.
  • Over-wrapping with excessive paper, tape, and/or string.
  • A package left by an unknown person.

If you discover or receive a suspicious package the following procedures are to be followed:

  • Do not attempt to open the package.
  • If the package is stained, discolored, or emits an odor do not attempt to identify the substance. If you come in contact with a leaking substance, wash hands and exposed skin vigorously with soap and flowing water for at least 15 minutes.
  • Do not handle, shake, or move the package.
  • Calmly notify others in the immediate area, relocate to another room, and close the door behind you.
  • Contact Wright State Police at 937-775-2111 or 911 from a university phone as soon as you are able.
  • Take no further action until advised to do so by Wright State Police.