Lake Campus Emergency Action Plan

Reporting an Emergency

Call 911

Dialing 911 from any campus telephone will connect you with Mercer County Dispatch.

Dial 419-586-7724 to contact Mercer County Dispatch from a cell phone.

Consider: Programming your cell phone to speed-dial Mercer County Dispatch 419-586-7724

  • Phones located in classrooms and hallways can be used to dial 911 directly.
  • Remain calm and tell the dispatcher:
    •  The nature and location of the emergency
    •  Your name and location
    •  Follow the instructions given by the dispatcher.

Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm pull stations are intended to report a possible fire in a building.

If you pull a fire alarm:

  • Meet first responders at the entrance to the building and inform them of the emergency.
  • STAFF: Contact your supervisor as soon as possible if you activate a fire alarm.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Stations

If you open an AED station:

  • A local alarm will sound. Send someone to call 911.
  • Have someone wait at the AED station to meet first responders and direct them to the victim.