Lake Campus Emergency Action Plan

Utility Failure

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This Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is intended to assist Wright State University employees, students, and visitors to prepare for and appropriately respond to a utility failure while at the university.


A utility failure is any disruption in the services necessary for the safe and proper operation of a building to include: electricity, heating, natural gas, ventilation, air conditioning, and telephone, internet, and water utilities.  A utility failure may be widespread, or limited to a specific building or area within a building.

Response Procedures for Utility Failure

During normal business hours, call Buildings & Grounds at 419-586-0347 to report all Lake Campus utility failures.  Outside normal business hours, contact Mercer County Sheriff at 419-586-7724 or 911.

Power Failure

If a power failure occurs in your area; emergency lighting will illuminate.  Continue working unless directed by a university official. Report all persons trapped in elevators to Mercer County Sheriff at 419-586-7724 or 911 from a university phone.

  • If it becomes necessary to evacuate the premises during a power failure, be sure to protect all valuables and make sure that all equipment is safe when the power comes back on.
  • When there is a power failure, DO NOT use the elevator.  It may become inoperative and you could become trapped.
  • Assist those in your area who may be unfamiliar with your space.
  • In the event of a power outage, emergency generators should provide lighting in hallways and stairways and will illuminate the building “Exit” lights.
  • If you are in an elevator, stay calm. Use the emergency button or call 419-586-7724 on a cell phone.
  • If the building is evacuated, DO NOT re-enter the building until power is restored. Emergency Power does not support building operations.
  • Students with disabilities should refer to the “Students with Disabilities Emergency Plan” available from the Office of Disability Services.

Water Outage

If a water outage occurs call Buildings & Grounds at 419-586-0347. If a water outage compromises the building sprinkler system, Physical Plant will either set up an appropriate fire watch or close the building.  Water outages that shut down the potable drinking water may require appropriate postings at drinking water sources that indicate a ‘boil advisory’.  Building water outages that shut down the water supply to all restroom toilets will require the closure of that building.

Telecommunication/Internet Outage

A telecommunications disruption may affect voice communications and/or data communications.  Many times a telecommunications service disruption is caused by a power service failure.  In the event of a power disruption, the telephone system may not be operational for 10 to 45 minutes.

Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Outage

Heating/air system failure during cold or heat spells may create discomfort for employees and students, but generally does not cause a building evacuation.  Normal operations should continue. 

If you become aware of a Heating/Cooling/Ventilation Outage, not just temperature issues, Buildings & Grounds at 419-586-0347.  If smoke odors come from the ventilation system, immediately notify the Mercer County Dispatch at 419-586-7724 or 911.

Heating and air conditioning failure may occur across campus or be isolated to one or more buildings.