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Cancellations and Closures

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About Cancellations and Closures

Severe winter weather conditions may result in any of the following actions:

  1. Delay opening of the Dayton and/or Lake campuses
  2. Cancellation of non-academic activities
  3. Closing the university

Normally, snow or low temperatures are not reasons to close the university, but significant amounts of snow might warrant a delay in opening the Dayton and/or Lake campuses. Blizzard conditions or snow combined with severe wind chills may warrant closing the Dayton and/or Lake campuses. The Wright State University Emergency Closing Procedure is available for your review.

Lake Campus

Decisions to delay opening or to close the Lake Campus due to winter weather conditions are made independent of the Dayton Campus. Visit the Lake Campus Emergency Closing Procedures website for information regarding delays/cancellations and closures.

When a campus remains open during winter weather conditions

Wright State students, faculty, and staff are urged to make cautious decisions regarding travel. If you believe the weather is too threatening, contact your professors and/or supervisors and explain your situation. Ultimately, it is your decision to travel to Wright State.

When delaying the opening of a campus or when a campus is closed

A delayed opening or a campus closure will be announced through Wright State Alert!, Wright State University's emergency notification system. Information/Alerts will be provided via official listserv email, Wright State's Dayton and/or Lake campuses homepages, text message (only for delay or closure of Dayton campus), campus information lines (Dayton: 775-3500; Lake: 1-800-237-1477 or 419-586-0300), local radio and television, and other methods.

As a general rule, on-campus events sponsored by a department or by private individuals or groups are canceled when the provost (or dean of Lake Campus) orders a closing of campus. Departments and private individuals or groups sponsoring events are responsible for contacting their invitees/guests of the cancellation.

If departments and private individuals or groups sponsoring events decide to cancel the event when a campus remains open, it is the responsibility of the individual or group to notify their guests.

Wright State University Nutter Center

Decisions to cancel events held at the Wright State Nutter Center due to winter weather conditions are made independent of the Dayton Campus. Visit www.nuttercenter.com for information regarding event cancellations.

Boonshoft School of Medicine

In most cases, the Boonshoft School of Medicine will conform to Wright State's decision to delay or cancel classes or close the university. However, since some faculty, staff, and students are involved in providing health care services, it may be necessary for those people to work in an emergency situation. Where the appropriate procedures cannot be communicated by a short public announcement, BSOM will activate its own internal network for notification. Visit the Procedures for Emergency Closing at Boonshoft School of Medicine.

Off-campus operations

A decision to close the Center for Performance Excellence, Cox Institute, Ellis Institute, and Research Park offices will be made by each facility after consultation with the provost. Contact the facility for information regarding hours of operation.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can students and employees find out if the university is closed?

    Closings at Wright State are rare. However, extreme weather conditions that pose a serious danger for travel within the county and surrounding area are a primary consideration for delays/cancellations or closures.

    When the Dayton Campus is closed due to severe weather, all classes and extracurricular activities are canceled, except as noted above.

    Please note that Wright State does not announce that a campus will remain open. If you hear nothing about a delay/cancellation or closure, assume the campus is open and that classes are being held as scheduled.

    The decision to close the Dayton Campus will normally be made by 5 a.m.

  • How can students, faculty, and staff find out if classes are canceled and/or campus is closed?

    Please do not call 911 or University Police. Instead, consult the Wright State University Home Page or call (937) 775-3500. You can also tune in to any of the news media that are notified by the university when all classes are canceled, but remember the university is the official word on closings and cancellations.

    The decision to close the Dayton Campus will normally be made by 5 a.m.

  • How can people find out if scheduled non-academic events are canceled?

    For events sponsored by a department or by private individuals or groups, please contact the department or private party sponsoring the event.

    For large university-sponsored events: Check the Wright State University homepage.

    For events at the Wright State Nutter Center: Visit www.wright.edu/nuttercenter.