(Un)Spoken Expectations: How to get into graduate school and stay the course

Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 10 pm to 11:15 pm
008 Student Union
Current Students

The College of Science and Mathematics

Career Exploration Week


Featured Panelists

  • Dr. Kathy Engish - Interim Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

  • Dr. Ayse Sahin - Professor and Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Dr. R. William Ayres - Associate Dean, Graduate College

Session Description: Panelists will discuss graduate school admissions processes and how to position yourself as an ideal candidate for admission to your preferred graduate program of study. Additionally, panelists will engage spoken and unspoken expectations for developing a relationship with your advisor and committee members, teaching, publishing, conducting research, presenting and networking at professional conferences, and applying for external funding, in order to be a stand-out applicant on the job market post-graduate studies. Lastly, panelists will offer strategies for surviving and thriving in graduate school.

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