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Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways

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Our Transfer Team will help you navigate and understand the OGTP step by step. Make an appointment with one of our team members to talk more in detail.

The Ohio Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (OGTP) program is a great way to start somewhere else and finish your degree at Wright State. Whether you start at a community college or university, OGTP guides can show you how to get started. The program guarantees the transfer and application of courses in a specific major. OGTP helps you plan no matter at which of Ohio’s public colleges or universities you begin.

Wright State is part of the OGTP program and will work with you along the way. Find out more at the Ohio Department of Higher Education website. You can use a self-service tool to search for programs in business, arts, communication, design, engineering, history, humanities, education, health services, math, public safety, science, and social and behavioral sciences. If the program you are interested in isn’t listed, feel free to reach out to our Transfer Team for further guidance.

*No application fee for domestic undergraduate applicants.