Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Advising/Assistance from University Staff

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership offers assistance and advising to student organizations as they carry out various activities. The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides administrative and leadership development support for all student organizations. The staff can provide advisement with the planning and marketing of any type of activity, dance, film festival, lecture, and so forth. Additional support includes leadership programs, budget and account information, and assistance on practical matters like the conduct of meetings, officer responsibilities, and organizational structure. Student organizations entering into contracts with various persons or organizations as part of the planning for an event must consult with the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. 

In addition, the Student Union Administrative Office will assist with facility reservations, audio visual equipment, and room arrangements.  Any organization using university facilities for an activity, meeting, or event (indoor, outdoors, classrooms, labs, etc.) must submit a request on Engage. Please see the online Student Union policy manual for specific services and applicable rates.


Updated 10/2018