Student Organization Policies and Procedures

Posting Policy

Posting areas are an important means of communication among the members of the Wright State University community. Posted materials must be in compliance with the policies of Wright State University.


Wright State University disclaims all responsibility for the contents of posters, handbills, flyers, or other written material posted at the University. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators must be aware of current laws regarding libel, defamation, obscenity, and fair labor relations or other applicable laws. Posters promoting establishments that sell alcoholic beverages or relating to alcohol will not be permitted. However, posters promoting alcohol awareness and responsible decision-making will be permitted.


There are several means for promoting your events on campus:

General Posting Board Locations: There are 13 general posting board locations on campus designed for announcements and event promotion. See specific numbers at the end of this document.

Dunbar Library: Promotional activities policies are located on the Dunbar Library Policies page (section F).  The Promotional Activity and Events form should be filled out first, as that is required to be on file for the distribution of any materials other than the bulletin board located near Starbucks. 

Residence Hall General Posting Locations: There are 154 general posting areas within the Residence Halls designed for announcements and event promotion. See specific numbers at the end of this document.

Student Union Display cases: There are 
several glass-enclosed showcases in the Student Union designed for organizational or event promotion.

Individuals are encouraged to use the posting areas in a responsible manner by complying with the following regulations:


  1. All printed materials posted must have a contact name and phone number on the front of the flyer.
  2. Individuals may post their own materials on General Posting Boards.
  3. Individuals can also take flyers to Residence Life and Housing in the Forest Lane Community Building. All postings in the residential communities must be posted by the residence community staff. Individuals and groups are prohibited from entering the residential communities for the purpose of distributing information or posting advertisements and flyers in residential communities. Please plan for 5 business days for posting throughout the residential communities.

Size of Printed Materials

Printed materials must be no larger than 11 x 17 inches for General Posting Boards and up to 24 X 36 for residence hall posting and Student Union showcases.

General Posting Guidelines

  1. All flyers must be posted on a designated public bulletin board. No posting on walls, windows, doors, or in stairwells, restrooms, or elevators. Posting on vehicles in university parking lots is prohibited. Printed materials found in unauthorized locations will be removed immediately.
  2. Bulletin boards assigned to a specific department or organization may be used only with their permission.
  3. Pushpins or staples should be used to avoid possible puncture of wheelchair tires. No thumbtacks or staple guns are allowed.
  4. Printed materials advertising events should be posted no earlier than two weeks prior to the event. Notices for services may remain on the bulletin boards for two weeks.
  5. No more than one posting is allowed per bulletin board. Postings on top of others will be removed.
  6. All advertising and publicity for both on- and off-campus events must conform to state and local laws and the policies of the university, and include the name of the sponsoring organization. Publicity is not allowed for off-campus events that do not conform to university policy or promote the unlimited consumption of alcohol. It is the responsibility of the sponsors of an event to ensure that advertising conforms to these guidelines.

Residence Hall Posting, Solicitation, and Distribution Policies

Please see the current Residence Life & Housing Posting, Solicitation, and Distribution Policies.

Employment Postings

  1. Each posting must include:
    • Employers name and address, including the city
    • Location of position
    • Contact person and phone number
    • Each position must have a rate of pay per hour or a range of pay.
    • Job description
  2. In some positions, there is a charge for equipment. Each job must state the amount the employee must pay before work begins.
  3. Position paid by commission must have a range of pay.
  4. No in-home positions.  Examples: babysitting, house sitting, dog sitting, yard work, painting, house cleaning.

Film, DVD, and/or Video Postings

Advertising and publicity for meetings and/or events which include films and/or videos must follow the film and video copyrights policy outlined on the Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) website  Films and videos rented on a “home-rental” basis for showing in meeting rooms are considered public performances and are prohibited. For information about the licensing for public viewing of films, DVD’s and/or videos, please see Film and Video Copyrights in the Student Handbook(

Posting Policy Violations

Postings in violation of the above regulations will be removed. Organizations or individuals violating this policy may lose posting privileges on campus. Please report posting violations to the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, 190 Student Union, or at 937-775-5570.

General Posting Board Locations

Allyn Hall
Across from Veterans Center, first floor
Across from Education Resource Center near first-floor elevators

Dunbar Library
Past circulation desk, above trash cans near Starbucks.

Fawcett Hall 
Next to room 119, first floor
Basement, across from room 015

Medical Sciences
Basement by mailboxes, near room 009

Oelman Hall
First-floor entrance, nearest to Brehm Laboratory.

Rike Hall
Basement, across from room 072
Basement, next to room 047
Basement. between 010 and 016
Basement, near room 020 across from vending machines

Student Union
In the tunnel near Rathskeller and vending machines
Next to Commuter Lounge off of the Atrium
Across from Rec Center desk, near the elevator

Tunnel between Medical Sciences and Fawcett
By vending machines


Updated 9/29/2022

Approved by:   
Chris Taylor, Dean of Students